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Child CPR

By Hayley Rosenthal CPR (CARDIO PULMONARY RESUSCITATION) is given to someone whose heart has stopped pumping blood and is divided into two key skills – pushing on the chest to circulate blood to the brain, and giving breaths. If a persons heart has stopped beating, oxygenated blood is not sent to the brain to keep it alive. Approximately 4-6 minutes ... Read More »

Introducing solids to a baby

By Lauri Isserow The growth rate during infancy is higher than at any other time of life and therefore the nutritional requirements of your baby are high. Growth charts are a vital tool for both parents and health professionals to monitor growth. The centile that your baby is growing on is not important (all babies do not need to be ... Read More »

Bullying: Adult Action Can Improve School Safety

By Erika Coetzee Bullying in schools interferes with learning and with the sense of safety and well-being of all learners. A significant part in developing in children a tendency not to mistreat others is played by parents’ attitudes opposing bullying, positive family relations, as well as parental involvement in schools. Adults can take action to help create a safer learning ... Read More »


By Heidi Janit We all want our children to believe in themselves, to feel capable, to feel that they can achieve. And by achieve I am not referring only to academics. I am talking about their hobbies, their interests, their loves. Children need to find something that they enjoy and that speaks to their souls! All those little things like gardening, ... Read More »

Separation Anxiety – a guideline for parents

By Ashley Jay Separation Anxiety in Children Separation anxiety is a universal developmental occurrence. From about the age of 7 months through to preschool years almost all children experience anxiety when they are separated from their parents or others with whom they share close relationships with. In fact a marked lack of separation anxiety at these ages may suggest other ... Read More »

Occupational Therapy – Fashionable or Essential?

By Romy Kruger It seems that occupational therapy (OT) referrals are on the rise. In some preschool classrooms you may find that more children are going for OT than not. Are teachers and parents just overly paranoid about child development, is it a money making scam or is it all really necessary? To really understand the answer to this it is ... Read More »

Disaster Bedroom!

By Heidi Meyer Is your child’s bedroom a quiet sanctuary from the outside world or does it look like a bomb has hit it and splattered the contents over the floor, bed and shelving? Are you sitting with a disaster on your hands? Cupboards filled with clothing the child has outgrown or he/she might still grow into. Floors and shelves ... Read More »

White Chocolate Ganache

By Vicky Pollock I recently discovered white chocolate ganache and love using this instead of butter icing on cupcakes and cakes. You can still colour it like you do with butter icing  (you can buy chocolate colouring from most cakes shops – I use Bakers Bin in Centurion). But it is so much tastier and I find it holds up ... Read More »

Does your child have a concentration difficulty?

By Claudette Jordan Determining if a child does indeed have a concentration difficulty can be a long and complex process, however a crucial one in determining the most efficient and effective intervention and support plan for each individual child. Some kids start to show difficulties with concentration as early as 4-5 years of age, some later in Grades 1 or ... Read More »

Banana and Nutella Cupcakes

By Bernadine Lewkowski Ingredients ·        2 bananas ·        2 eggs ·        1/2 cup sugar ·        2 teaspoon baking powder ·        1/2 teaspoon salt ·        1 1/2 cups flour ·        1/2 cup milk ·        1/2 cup oil ·        Nutella Method ·        Preheat oven to 180 degrees ·        Measure and sift together dry ingredients ·        Add oil, milk, eggs, and beat until ... Read More »