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My biggest wish is to spend more time with you!


By Heidi Meyer   “Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more”: Dr Seuss. The inspiration of this article came when I was de-cluttering and organising an office and found a picture written on which was this: “I love you mommy, my biggest wish is to spend some time with you!” This opened my ... Read More »

Decorative Christmas Biscuits

Picture Source: www.ilovecooking.co.za

This recipe is written and shared by Roenel Swart and Safari. For any queries, feel free to e-mail Roenel or visit her Facebook page. She says: ‘This is a lovely snack for the family while relaxing with hot chocolate by the Christmas tree.’ Ingredients: 1kg Sasko Cake Flour 5 ml baking powder 5 ml table salt 250 g butter 375 ... Read More »

Baby marrow and feta tart

Picture Source: www.ilovecooking.co.za

A delicous and easy recipe from ilovecooking.co.za perfect for an eveing meal, sunday lunch or even as a dish at a braai. Ingredients: 900 g baby marrows, grated 250 ml Sasko Self Raising Flour 5 jumbo eggs 125 ml olive oil 1 bunch fresh chives, chopped 125 ml fresh mint, chopped 250 ml cheddar cheese, grated 200 g feta cheese, ... Read More »

Custard tart with rum and raisin sauce

Picture Source: www.ilovecooking.co.za

A fantastic South African Recipe from www.ilovecooking.co.za Ingredients: 250 ml Safari Seedless Raisins, coarsely chopped 250 ml red heart rum (or brandy), heated 3 whole jumbo eggs 3 jumbo egg yolks 65 ml castor sugar 500 ml prepared custard 250 ml cream 10 ml vanilla essence 30 ml butter pinch salt 1 x 24 cm baked short crust in the ... Read More »

Mama Magic baby expo in Joburg

mama magic

As South Africa’s biggest and best baby and parenting expo, MamaMagic™, The Baby Expo has all you could need, want and more from 0 – 6 years old, under one roof. Making parenting easier for you, MamaMagic puts the magic back in parenting. Come and celebrate our 10th year with us and enjoy the very latest products and services, expert ... Read More »

Good cop bad cop

Picture Source: ahmjustsayin.wordpress.com

By Mia Von Scha   In parenting I often find one parent playing good cop and one bad cop. I’m generalizing here, but it’s very often mom playing the good and dad bringing in the other end. So do we, as women, tend to push the disciplinarian side onto our spouses? Or are they naturally like that? Or are they ... Read More »

Homemade beauty products

coconut oil 2 sized

By Sheree Epstein Here are some of the best homemade beauty products that you can prepare and use from the comfort of your own home. There are many kinds of ingredients you can use from your kitchen to make amazing beauty products from home, but these are just a few ideas and popular ingredients. For those of you ladies that ... Read More »

The key to health and wellness


By Catherine Clark If I asked you what the key to your health is I am sure that I would get varying answers such as a healthy diet, exercise and drinking lots of water. All of these things are great and, in fact, very important as is getting enough sleep and enough sunshine to regulate your hormonal system. But at ... Read More »

Frozen Peppermint Crisp tart


This looks soooooo good. It is easy to make too! Recipe Source: www.rainbowcooking.co.nz Ingredients 1 tin (380 ml) of caramelised condensed milk. 300 ml fresh cream. It should be well chilled. 1 packet (200 gram) Tennis biscuits (you won’t need all of it, but don’t sneak away too many while building the tart, else you may run into trouble.) 2 ... Read More »

Creative Ca-NOODLE-ing

noodle ponies (9)

By Yolandi du Toit I think it is finally safe to say that it is SUUUUUMMER, despite the few odd mornings that keep as a reminder of non-pool days. It is a new season, which caters for new pool toys, which means….. WE GET TO UPCYCLE OLD ONES!! (Everybody all together: “Yaaay!”) Pool Noodles are fabulous examples to use in ... Read More »