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Hearing and speech development milestones – a guideline(Birth-1year)

By Talia Aronowitz Please note the following is a rough guideline of the different early hearing and speech milestones and cannot be used as a replacement for an assessment by a professional speech and language therapist or audiologist. This guideline represents the average age by which most children who are learning one language will reach the listed milestones. Children typically ... Read More »

The dreaded birthday party – part 2

By Catherine Clark I’ve had some really interesting feedback after my last article on ‘The dreaded birthday party’. A lot of people believe that at South African birthday parties sweets certainly abound and that is considered the ‘norm’. My friend who now lives in Europe made this comment however: ‘My son who is 4 years old has just started going ... Read More »

Kiddy Core – child core exercises

By Robyn Borowsky The concept of CORE is slowly becoming one of the most important factors to our health, fitness and all round comfort in daily life. When asking clients at the studio what this ‘core’ actually is, a lot actually don’t know what core is made of and how to build it, they just know that it is important ... Read More »

The dreaded birthday party – sugar, sugar, sugar part 1

By Catherine Clark I’m sure we’ve all felt it at some time or other – we just get the family back into the rhythm of relatively healthy eating after a holiday, or a family event and then what happens, the dreaded party invite arrives home! And parties mean sugar, and more sugar and party packs i.e. more sugar at home ... Read More »

Lunch Box Tips

By Heidi Janit Make sure that your kids are getting the nutrition they need to see them through the school day. Huletts Sugar’s website has some amazing recipes and nutrition tips. They have put together some great lunch box tips – how to incorporate vegetables, fruit and brain-boosting foods into school lunches for our children. This article source is from ... Read More »

Does my baby need an eye examination?

By Dr. Darren Stoler I have often been asked by new Moms “how do I know if my baby can see?” or “does my baby need an eye examination?” The answer is a little complicated, partly because the development of the visual system in newborn babies is a slow process, and complicated by nature. Contrary to popular belief, babies aren’t ... Read More »

Supplements – nutritional essentials or money waster?

By Dr Jaci Schultz I am frequently asked by patients if taking supplements are actually necessary and worthwhile, or if they are literally just expensive urine? The sad truth is that the answer to whether we need to take supplements is yes, yes, YES!  Supplements are indeed nutritional essentials!The reasons are numerous, but the main ones are: Depleted soils: Even ... Read More »

Fussy eating toddlers

By Lauri Isserow During the exciting toddler years, there is a significant development in fine and gross motor, social, cognitive and emotional areas. They become less dependent and begin to master an increasing number of skills. During this period your child becomes increasingly competent in self-feeding and will very likely develop and express (quite clearly!) definite preferences over food. There ... Read More »

Good oral hygiene routine for children

By Dr Janet Gritzman We all want our children to be happy, healthy and successful. A gorgeous, engaging smile, beautiful teeth, fresh breath and healthy mouths which are pain free is one of the ways we can ensure that our children can face the world and its challenges with confidence. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental decay is ... Read More »

Tell me again why dairy is good for me?

By Catherine Clark As someone who grew up on endless antibiotics for ear infections, only to find out later that I was lactose intolerant, I have become very interested in why we as humans are the only mammals who continue to consume milk products after being weaned.  Fascinating really!  Is it because the ‘food pyramids’ we grew up being taught ... Read More »