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Middle ear infections in children – part 2

By Talia Aronowitz Can I prevent a middle ear infection? The following can help to prevent middle ear infections in children: Washing your hands often and practicing good personal hygiene to prevent germs from spreading. Having your child immunized to keep him /her healthy Try to avoid bottle feeding your child lying flat. If your baby is lying flat, this ... Read More »

Middle ear infections in children – part 1

By Talia Aronowitz Are ear infections common? Yes, ear infections are very common in young children. Approximately 3 out of 4 children may have an ear infection by the time they are 3 years of age. Children are more susceptible to middle ear infections due to anatomical immaturity of their Eustachian tubes. The medical term for a middle ear infection ... Read More »

New Born Hearing Screening

By Talia Aronowitz New born hearing screening can be conducted in the first days of a baby’s life in order to detect possible hearing loss. This is done via Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) testing. OAE testing is a fast and effective way to determine the hearing status of a baby, as early as 48 hours after birth before discharge from hospital. ... Read More »

Child CPR

By Hayley Rosenthal CPR (CARDIO PULMONARY RESUSCITATION) is given to someone whose heart has stopped pumping blood and is divided into two key skills – pushing on the chest to circulate blood to the brain, and giving breaths. If a persons heart has stopped beating, oxygenated blood is not sent to the brain to keep it alive. Approximately 4-6 minutes ... Read More »

Introducing solids to a baby

By Lauri Isserow The growth rate during infancy is higher than at any other time of life and therefore the nutritional requirements of your baby are high. Growth charts are a vital tool for both parents and health professionals to monitor growth. The centile that your baby is growing on is not important (all babies do not need to be ... Read More »

Being healthy is no fun for kids!

By Catherine Clark As a mom of two young children who is fairly pedantic about healthy eating I hear comments all the time like ‘all kids need treats’ and ‘it’s really not much fun for kids to eat all of that healthy food’, but I have stuck to my guns and continued to sow good eating habits into my family.  ... Read More »

15 Interesting things about teeth and oral hygiene

By Dr Janet Gritzman 1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental decay is the most prevalent disease in the world. The good news is: It is also 100% preventable with correct oral hygiene, diet and regular dental check-ups 2.  Good dental habits should start at birth (before your baby gets their first teeth). When you bath your baby ... Read More »

Colds, Flus and everything else in between

 By Dr Jaci Schultz It is extremely important to be able to differentiate between  common colds, the ‘flu and allergies, as each of these need to be treated completely differently in order to be effective. Coming from a homoeopathic and functional medicine perspective, I am trained to look at the patient as an individual and formulate a treatment plan for ... Read More »