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Exercise when breastfeeding


By Robyn Borowsky New moms often have many questions about breastfeeding and milk production. I often get asked whether exercise can affect breastfeeding moms in the form of energy, fitness levels, body comfort and most imprtantly to them – their milk production. There are so many articles and sights offering different information about this topic, but all in all, the ... Read More »

Why can’t I lose my baby weight?

fat belly

By Mia Von Scha Weight is never a simple issue – we have the media feeding us unrealistic examples of what is “normal”, we compare ourselves to others, we have other things we’re busy with (like raising a new child) that distract from rigorous diet and exercise routines. But why is it that so many moms are struggling with that ... Read More »

Winter Woes – Paraffin wax treatments


By Sheree Epstein Are your hands or your feet looking chapped, dry, cracked, possibly even have minor cuts and visible bleeding on them? Whether you work outside for a living or use or wash your hands a lot, your hands can take quite a beating from this. Together with dry, Winter weather you may be experiencing painful hands and feet ... Read More »

How to stop a baby crying – just play Katy Perry’s dark Horse!


This little girl was so niggly and unhappy – until she heard “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry! Just check out her little dance moves……….. Read More »

Domestic Worker Act – all you need to know

Rose and Lily - Picture Source: www.helpathome.co.za

By Ruth Kloppers Domestic workers, nanny, gardeners, cooks, cleaners and any staff that work in your home, are to be considered by the Domestic worker act. Prior to 2002, when the Domestic Worker Act (Sectoral Determination 7 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act) was finalised, there was almost no law pertaining to a very large segment of our workforce ... Read More »

Crunchie chocolate bark


Serve on their own or with cake or ice cream. Or even dip into a mug of hot coffee or hot cocoa. These chocolate barks will never not get eaten! Recipe adapted from studentbeans.com                                                                What you need: 1 large slab milk chocolate 1 large slab white chocolate A generous portion of chopped Crunchie chocolate bars Hundreds and thousands What to ... Read More »

Bedtime can be exhausting………..


This time-lapse of a mom trying to put twin boys to bed is exhaustingly funny. Henriette Jonassen was having trouble putting her twin boys to bed due to the long summer days in Norway, so she tried putting them in different rooms, which one of her friends had suggested. Jonassen had her doubts, so she decided to film the experiment ... Read More »

Amarula fudge recipe

am fudge

This one is certainly not for the little ones!  How delicious does Amarula fudge sound??!! There is a lot of sugar in it, but for once in a while I think this decadent treat is fab! Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 3 tablespoons cocoa powder 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup Amarula cream liqueur 1/4 teaspoonsalt 3 tablespoons ... Read More »

Conquer toy clutter with practical toy storage


By Heidi Meyer Toy Clutter. You all know that very well! Are your child’s toys taking over the home? Do you feel at times, that it would be easier just tossing the lot and start again? Let’s look at conquering your nemesis once and for all.   Symptoms of the problem? Toys are spilling over from the playroom or bedroom ... Read More »

Posture for dummies

Picture Source: www.all4women.co.za

By Robyn Borowsky Who would have guessed that the way we stand and simply hold our bodies up has such a big impact on our physical AND emotional health.We all know that ‘good posture’ is something to strive for but when asked to describe what correct posture is or how to achieve it the answers seem to be unclear. Do ... Read More »