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Creative Cones

Creative Cones

landiBy Landi du Toit

The demand for creative, out of the box, semi-healthy snacks have – like an alien invasion – taken over the universe. And with good reason: with birthday parties, art days at school, entrepreneur’s days etc we have no choice

As a mommy, I have fallen victim to the creative request from the awesome teachers who just want to enhance our children’s experience at school.

NOW…. it is all good and well trying to Google stuff, but I have found that most ideas are only images, expecting me to be a genius before I even start. Are those articles written by men? Is this why they come with no directions?

So, in interest of mommy’s sanity all over the world, or at least in our awesome little corner in the world, I am including some directions to some creative cones that can be used for a party snack or an entrepreneur’s day at school, or even just a cold day inside to keep little hands busy…and sticky J


The basic essentials for all our cones will be the following:

– Ice Cream Cones
– Marie Biscuits, or any other flat biscuit of your choice
– Variety of small sweeties, jelly beans, apricots, jelly babies, smarties, astros etc.
Or dried fruits and nuts if you are aiming for a more healthy route.
– Icing sugar
– Water
– Fondant, if you want to get fancy or marshmallows if you are just slumming it J

Now that we have this ready, let’s get started on the directions.

Cool Clown
Mix your icing sugar and water to get a toothpaste consistency and paste your marshmallow on to your biscuit, just off-centre to the front, so it will make your face.

Add your sweeties to your cone – start small and go bigger towards the opening and flip it around to seal it with more icing. (Yes, it will be a bit skew and the hat will be pointing backwards)

Once the icing has gone hard, you have time to decorate: Make a face, add some eyes and put some buttons on his hat.

* Should you wish, you can also use the clown as a cupcake topper like the image attached.


Dynamite Dinosaurs.


Mix your icing.

Cut two cones, as indicated by the blue lines.
Use a finely serrated blade for the best results.

Once you have your cones ready, fill them up with sweets, and make sure to “block” the small opening from the second cut with something like a jelly baby.

Paste your two filled cones together and turn the small cut piece around to form a head. Now let it rest on its side until the icing has gone hard.

Now but a big droop of icing on your biscuit and put your dinosaur on. To make things easier, try to balance them against themselves so that the icing can harden without them falling over.

All that is left then is to decorate.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, cut small triangles from fondant and just paste them on to the back, alternatively cut marshmallows in quarters and add them as round scales.

Now add some jellybean feet and you are good to go.

Not only are two cones cute, but the hidden sweeties inside making a great surprise when they burst open.

Moms – a special message from Landi:

Make your own cone creation and post a picture of yourself with your creation to the LandiSmile Fun Workshop For Kids Facebook page to stand a chance to win a Sand Art Kit with a variety of coloured sand and 4 cards.