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Frozen this Winter

Frozen this Winter

landiBy Yolandi Du Toit

It is one of  the “awesomest movies in the history of forever”, according to my 8 year old, Meagan and as a big girl (who has always been lost in Disney princess fairy tales) I have to agree.

It seems that the cold never bothered anyone anyway and requests for Frozen themed parties have gone through the roof.

To fit with any of the icy white and blue themes , here are a couple of cool ideas for your little one’s birthday.

Let’s start with the the most important step to anything Frozen:

Befriend your marshmallow!        marshmallows Big, small, medium, it doesn’t matter – it looks like snow.

On to the practical stuff:

Even though the chilly season is upon us, kids will always scream for ice cream and Frozen popsicles are a big hit. To add a creative jolt you can also try ice cap cupcakes that kids can decorate by themselves – with supervision of course, unless you want the full 4D Frozen experience throughout your house!

Frozen Popsicles popsicles

For this cool trick you will need popsicle mould/holders.

2 simple ingredients:teeny tiny marshmallows and some Sprite.

1. Fill your popsicle holders up with some Sprite and add a ton of little mallows before closing.

Your marshmallows will float to the top and need to cover about a quarter of your holder.

2. Keep this in the freezer for a good day or so, just for safety purposes. (different sizes and temperatures affect freezing   time.)

3. When you remove the popsicles from the holder, the bottoms will be your snow, with the top

being all ice.

Ice Cap Cupcakes     Silver-Sugar-Edible-Balls-for-Cupcake-and-Celebration

For this icy tip you will need cupcakes of your choice. And 3 easy ingredients: water, icing sugar,blue food colouring and little silver balls.

1. Sift icing sugar in a bowl and stir in small quantities of water until it is a spreadable consistency.

2. Mix in some blue food colouring, just to get a light blue colour. 3. Spread onto cupcakes and stick on any size of marshmallow, as many as you can fit on. 4. Add little silver balls for extra bling-bling.

Go ahead and have a (snow)ball! 😉