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Holiday fun at Pretoria Zoo

Holiday fun at Pretoria Zoo

Heidi JanitBy Heidi Janit

If you live in Joburg or Pretoria, and your children are interested in learning about all the wonderful animals of our world, then the Pretoia Zoo is the place to be! Take a look at these exciting programmes taking place at The Pretoria Zoo these hollidays. All are presented in English and Afrikaans.

Information Source: www.imbored.co.za

Junior Nature Conservator
This 5-day course is presented to children in Grades 7-12.  The course provides an opportunity for children to become acquainted with the animals in the Zoo; they will have an opportunity to work with conservation staff as well as the Zoo’s farm animals.  After completion of the course, they may join the ZooClub, which aims to inspire its members to follow a career in science,and work as volunteers at the zoo.  All participants will receive a t-shirt and a certificate.
Fee: R 250
English: 6 – 10 October

The World of Reptiles
This day course for children in Grades 4-7 is about the fascinating variety of reptiles.  A snake demonstration will be performed during this course.  Children will learn some important aspects of snake behaviour and the adaptations of various reptiles.
Fee: R 100
Afrikaans: 6 October

Scavenger Hunt
The course is offered to Grade 4-7 children, who will explore, investigate and collect data of different species of animals, i.e. their habitats, feeding habits and general behaviour, all while participating in an exciting a scavenger hunt.
Fee: R 100
English: 7 October

Meet the Birds
This day course is offered to Grade R-3 children, who will learn about the characteristics of birds through fun hands-on activities.  They will learn about birds’ nests, bills, feet and feathers and paint camouflaged eggs.  They will also build a bird feeder to attract birds to their gardens at home.
Fee: R 100
English: 6 October

An Introduction to Bird Identification
This day course is offered to children in Grades 4-7.  The core of this course is to excite children about bird watching.  They will learn the basics of bird watching through practical activities and multi-media programmes.  They will also learn more about the habitats, adaptations and role of birds in the environment.  At the end of the day they should be able to identify several bird species.  Bring your own binoculars if you have a pair!
Fee: R 100
Afrikaans: 9 October

Meet the Mammals
This day course is offered to Grade R-3 children, who will learn about the various types of mammals in the Zoo.  They will explore their feeding habits and the features that make mammals unique.  This practical course is designed to help children understand the variety and adaptations of mammals.
Fee: R 100
English: 8 October

Amazing Reptiles
The day course is offered to Grade R-3 children.  They will be introduced to various species of reptiles housed in the Zoo through fun hands-on activities.  The characteristics and adaptation of reptiles will be explored during this course.  A snake demonstration will be performed during this time.
Fee: R 100
English: 7 October

Monkey Tricks
This course is offered to Grade R-3 children and aims to teach them about identification of primates, their communication and adaptation as well as enrichment programmes in the Zoo.
Fee: R 100
English: 10 October

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