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Living in the moment

Living in the moment

Heidi MeyerBy Heidi Meyer

“There goes my alarm! Oops! I still haven’t finished this work! I promised Kim that I would be there! Let me grab my laptop and my notes to work on this during Kim’s netball match.” I rush out of the office. “Oh gee! I wish this traffic would just move and I arrive just in time for Kim’s match. I give her a quick absent minded hug before she runs onto the court and settle down to continue with my work!

I’m pounding away deeply engrossed in my project, hardly noticing the noise, but then I get jerked back to reality when I feel the bench moving as people around me get up and cheer! Looking at what has just happened I see the disappointed look on Kim’s face, she has just scored a goal and I missed it! At that moment I realise, “Oh no! What on earth am I doing! I’m missing my life!” I take a deep breath, close my laptop and put everything away to give the game my full attention. “Surely I can stop for a minute or two!”

At first my mind is still racing with all the things that need to be done, upcoming appointments and the looming deadline, slowly I start noticing the things around me. I see Kim’s smile every time I shout an encouragement. I feel the pride rise as I see my beautiful daughter enjoy every move she makes. I notice the people around me and how they chat to one another and I wish that I could be part of the conversation and before I know it I’m are part of it. I notice the green grass and the beautiful little dandelions with their warm faces at my feet! The sun warms my skin and the air is rich with the smell of boerries (fried sausage that is) being prepared by some moms at the side of the court. Hmm, makes my mouth water!

“Yippee! There she scores another goal! Wow, I’m so grateful that I can be here and see this. She is awesome!” As she runs off the court I give her a big spontaneous hug and a kiss! Arm in arm we walk over to the food stall, take a seat on the stand and enjoy just being there together in the moment! Chatting about the game, as she introduces some of her friends which I hardly ever noticed! Why haven’t I done this a long time ago!? Really being there and taking note!

I drive back to work with a song in my heart and amazingly relaxed! Is it possible that these last couple of minutes of a mental break from my work and stress has me re-energised in such a way? I can’t remember when last I felt so grounded.

Are you rushing around from one appointment to another, not having time for the things that really matter? Feel anxious and guilty if you take some time out? Perhaps you owe it to yourself to start enjoying every moment.

Living in the moment means to be fully aware of everything around you at this moment of time, where you are right now, rather than brooding over the past and wishing for the future. In the words of Leo Tolstoy, “Stop a moment, cease your work, and look around you.”

Start living in the moment

  • Focus on where you are and what you are busy with (Zoning in) in the here and now.
  • Notice the world around you, using all your senses; sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. The more senses you use the more fulfilling and positive the experience will be.
  • Perform spontaneous acts of kindness, like giving a compliment, paying an unexpected visit without expecting anything in return.
  • Smile with your eyes it will make you feel happy and is infectious to those around you.
  • Pay full attention to people around you. Listen with your heart and talk with compassion and understanding.
  • Savour every detail, whether it is rest, food or drink.
  • Minimise activities that limit you living in the moment. Like watching TV for hours (zoning out) instead to just enjoying a specific movie. Like being more interested in social media instead of paying attention to the people around you.
  • Be thankful for what you have at that moment and enjoy it!
  • Stop worrying about the future; rather focus on solving challenges in the here and now.


  • You will have more fulfilling experiences and relationships.
  • You will have better self-esteem, feel more secure, and be happy and content.
  • You’ll feel less anxious, less guilty and have less stress.
  • You’ll be able to feel and express gratitude more freely.

It’s worth it! Make every moment count – It will recharge you, revitalise you and clear your mind!