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Mom and baby workout with baby pouch
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Mom and baby workout with baby pouch

robynBy Robyn Borowsky

Post preggy moms are always eager to get back into shape and are
always wanting to lose their baby bump but often don’t know where or
how to start.
Moms say that it can be difficult to get away from the baby or to make
time to exercise separately so my answer is to combine baby time and
exercise time. This can also be fun and bonding for you and the baby.
I have recently given some pram exercises but now we can expand the exercise routine and add in some simple toning moves while wearing the baby pouch or sling.

The baby will add weight to the front of the body so pay extra care to POSTURE.
It is important to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up in order for the muscles to warm up and for the body to get into ‘calorie burn mode’.

 1. Warm up by walking on spot swing arms.
 2. High knees while holding baby in front – catch the lower abs.
 3. Step touches with reach over- working into love handle area.
 4. Side kicks with bent supporting leg
 5. Punches up to ceiling
 6. Hand on shoulders and keep hips facing forward – rotate upper body
 to work lower back and waist line.
 7. Arm circles and pulses
 8. Resist arms forward and then up to ceiling
 9. Squats- stick bum back and down and don’t let knees go over toes.
 Keep chest up.
 10. Lunges- taking leg back into the lunge and watch knee position.
 Don’t let body lean forward.
 11. Wall push-ups- have a wide grip on the wall and feet hip distance.
 Watch that the baby’s head does not tilt back when you lean forward.

pouch pic
Always remember that intensity must be moderate and form must be
correct so that no lower back pain or neck strain happens while
holding the baby. Most importantly take a moment during each exercise to kiss and love the baby and make this as fun and enjoyable as
 possible.Enjoy the endorphins and the release of the tight back and
neck muscles.