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Crunchie chocolate bark

Serve on their own or with cake or ice cream. Or even dip into a mug of hot coffee or hot cocoa. These chocolate barks will never not get eaten! Recipe adapted from studentbeans.com                                                                What you need: 1 large slab milk chocolate 1 large slab white chocolate A generous portion of chopped Crunchie chocolate bars Hundreds and thousands What to ... Read More »

Bedtime can be exhausting………..

This time-lapse of a mom trying to put twin boys to bed is exhaustingly funny. Henriette Jonassen was having trouble putting her twin boys to bed due to the long summer days in Norway, so she tried putting them in different rooms, which one of her friends had suggested. Jonassen had her doubts, so she decided to film the experiment ... Read More »

Amarula fudge recipe

This one is certainly not for the little ones!  How delicious does Amarula fudge sound??!! There is a lot of sugar in it, but for once in a while I think this decadent treat is fab! Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar 3 tablespoons cocoa powder 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup Amarula cream liqueur 1/4 teaspoonsalt 3 tablespoons ... Read More »

Conquer toy clutter with practical toy storage

By Heidi Meyer Toy Clutter. You all know that very well! Are your child’s toys taking over the home? Do you feel at times, that it would be easier just tossing the lot and start again? Let’s look at conquering your nemesis once and for all.   Symptoms of the problem? Toys are spilling over from the playroom or bedroom ... Read More »

Posture for dummies

By Robyn Borowsky Who would have guessed that the way we stand and simply hold our bodies up has such a big impact on our physical AND emotional health.We all know that ‘good posture’ is something to strive for but when asked to describe what correct posture is or how to achieve it the answers seem to be unclear. Do ... Read More »

Things you can’t do when you’re not a toddler

Very funny video all about things you cannot do if you are not a toddler! Watch how an adult does all those toddler-ish things – just not right if it is not being done by a toddler! Saying things like “I am 35 and a half” is just one example………..   Read More »

Acts of Kindness

Amidst all the heartache, war and cruelty in the world, it is so important to focus on the good! Someone has put this together – capturing acts of kindness all over the world and it is so beautiful! This little video clip will remind you that there is so much kindness and good in the world.   Read More »

Moirs ultimate chocolate extravaganza

This rich, nutty and chocolatey cake comes from the Moir’s website. (www.moirs.co.za) Four layers of rich chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate cream and topped with dark chocolate, hazelnut and Frangelico ganache Ingredients: 2 x 400g packets of Moir’s Soft ‘n Moist Chocolate Cake Mix 2 heaped tsp (10ml) of instant coffee powder dissolved into 2tbsp (30ml) hot water 4 eggs ... Read More »

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during and after pregnancy

 By Megan Thole What symptoms would I experience? Numbness, tingling, pain. Or dull ache, generally in both hands or wrists Discomfort may present itself in forearm and upper arm. In severe cases your hand will display clumsiness or weakness. When & why does carpal tunnel syndrome occur?  Symptoms generally begin in the second half of pregnancy when water retention increases. ... Read More »

Anti bullying song

We all know how big a problem bullying is, and it is rife in so many schools. One youngster who was bullied actually wrote a song about it. He since moved schools and him and his friend appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. This video is amazing and really worth a watch! Such brave, incredible kids – even Simon Cowell was ... Read More »