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7 most common questions about nails answered


By Naomi Gurney With manicures hitting newspaper headlines and social media for all the wrong reasons recently. Infections, damaged nail beds, rashes and even skin cancer are just some of the scare stories that came out in the consumer press last year, claiming a manicure could ruin your nails. Do nails need to breathe? Nails do not need a break ... Read More »

Disaster Bedroom!


By Heidi Meyer Is your child’s bedroom a quiet sanctuary from the outside world or does it look like a bomb has hit it and splattered the contents over the floor, bed and shelving? Are you sitting with a disaster on your hands? Cupboards filled with clothing the child has outgrown or he/she might still grow into. Floors and shelves ... Read More »

Exercising during pregnancy


By Megan Thole The most daunting idea of exercising during pregnancy,especially first time pregnancies, is not knowing how much exercise to do and at what intensity to exercise in order to keep herself and her little one safe; as well as knowing how to utilize exercise as a means to feeling great . This uncertainty can lead to total avoidance of exercise, which ... Read More »

Beauty ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

bees wax 3 sized

By Naomi Gurney If you’re a mom-to-be, you’ll want the very best for your unborn baby. You give up the drinks, you take your pre-natal vitamins and pre-natal visits, you avoid the brie, the blue cheese and the sushi, but what about what’s absorbed through your skin? Here’s some info on what beauty ingredients to avoid during pregnancy, or if ... Read More »

Pregnancy Treatments for our moms to be


By Naomi Gurney Pregnancy treatments for moms to be are very important, as not only does it relax you but your baby too. Whether it’s a foot massage or a relaxing facial, pre-pregnancy  treatments can be just what the doctor ordered to relieve the pressures and pains that come with carrying a baby. Below are some helpful tips on picking ... Read More »