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Peppermint crisp icing

Peppermint crisp icing

By Vicky Pollock

Peppermint Crisp icing is minty, refreshing, chocolatey and did we mention delicious?

You need:

  • 125g white margarine or butter
  • 220g Icing sugar
  • 2 teaspoons mint flavouring
  • Leaf green colouring (either liquid or powder)
  • 1 x big bar of Peppermint crisp
  • 1 tablespoon milk (if necessary)
  • Place the margarine or butter in mixer and cream.
  • Slowly add the icing sugar and mint flavouring (if the mixture is still quite thick add the milk). Leave to blend until smooth.
  • In a food processor chop that peppermint crisp until a thin crumb like mixture.
  • Add peppermint crisp mixture and colouring to the butter and icing sugar mixture. You can add as much colouring as you would like dependant on the colour you are looking for.
  • Spoon into an icing bag and pipe onto chocolate cupcakes. Top with a small sprinkle of Peppermint crisp or a piece of peppermint crisp.