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Pregnancy Treatments for our moms to be

Pregnancy Treatments for our moms to be

NaomiBy Naomi Gurney

Pregnancy treatments for moms to be are very important, as not only does it relax you but your baby too. Whether it’s a foot massage or a relaxing facial, pre-pregnancy  treatments can be just what the doctor ordered to relieve the pressures and pains that come with carrying a baby. Below are some helpful tips on picking the correct treatment for you.

Are you tense? Does your back hurt? Why not book yourself in for a massage? But make sure you pick the pregnancy massage option and choose a therapist who’s well versed in the do’s and don’ts of prenatal massage.

Some things to keep in mind when going for your massage:

  • After the fourth month of  pregnancy, lying flat on your back can cause pressure on important blood vessels, so ask your therapist to use pillows that allow you to face the  wall rather than the ceiling.
  • Ask for an unscented lotion or oil (not only might the strong fragrance turn you off, but some  aromatherapy oils can stimulate your heart rhythm and uterine  contractions).
  • Reflexology, a therapy in which pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet, hands, and ears, can work wonders on swollen, tired tootsies and reduce overall stress. However, make sure that your therapist is knowledgeable about pregnancy since pressure applied to certain areas (such as the area between the anklebone and heel) can trigger contractions.
  • You can have a massage when you enter into your second trimester, normally around 12 -14 weeks, but I would advise any mom to be that if she has had complications in previous pregnancy’s, to wait for around 16 weeks (so the baby is a bit more developed).
  • Sometimes the further along you are the lower your blood pressure is. My advice – do not drive after your massage, get your other half to pick you up. In some cases massage stimulates blood flow that can make you feel faint when you get up off the bed.

A professional facial can work wonders when it comes to clearing pores clogged by extra oil, the result of those crazy hormones. But in addition to being oily (or dry or a combination of both) your skin is extra-sensitive during pregnancy, so keep that in mind if you’re booking a facial.  Avoid abrasive treatments like microdermabrasion.. Also stay away from: aromatherapy, retinoids (chemical peels), and hot stones. Instead, choose options that emphasize relaxation, and save the deep cleansing, peels, electronic stimulation, or deep extraction to after delivery.

If you’re thinking of stopping by your dermatologist’s office for a fill of collagen, Restylane, or Perlane, forget it. As with Botox, the safety of injectable line fillers during pregnancy have not been established through studies yet.

Though the sauna, steam room, and whirlpool seem tempting when your back is sore and you feel like you weigh a million pounds, forget them. Basically, anything that increases your body temperature is off-limits during pregnancy. An over-elevated body temperature may harm your growing baby or cause a miscarriage. This also applies to sunbeds and tan-cans, so please wait until after delivery to use them again safely.