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By Ronel Jardine Okay, so I was asked to write something about motherhood. To me the word is self explanatory, sometimes being a mother you just want to pull a hood over your head and disappear for a while! This reminds me of my daughter when she was little, if she didn’t like the situation she was in, she would ... Read More »

My first, my only

                     My first, my only By Zayne Khan   As an Indian woman, your identity is recognised by your homemaking skills, your husband and his job, the amount of children you bear and their behaviour. Well this never suited me at all! Especially coming from a large family where the eldest ... Read More »

15 Interesting things about teeth and oral hygiene

By Dr Janet Gritzman 1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental decay is the most prevalent disease in the world. The good news is: It is also 100% preventable with correct oral hygiene, diet and regular dental check-ups 2.  Good dental habits should start at birth (before your baby gets their first teeth). When you bath your baby ... Read More »