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The importance of play in childcare

  By  Ruth Kloppers (Help At Home)    Please note: Help At Home run a Mental Stimulation Course. We are holding the next one over 2 Saturdays (30 May and 6 June). For SA Moms followers……… For clients that book by Friday 29 May: For the next Mental Stimulation Course (running over 2 Saturdays, 30 May and 6 June), all SA Mom’s ... Read More »

Holiday Season – planning leave, bonuses and expectations with your domestic worker

  By Ruth Kloppers With only 12 weeks left until Christmas, and even less left until everyone begins their annual December holiday “migrations”, it is now the perfect time to begin communicating with your staff and plan leave dates, Christmas bonuses and expectations for 2015. Most employers tend to plan leave dates with staff just before the leave takes place, ... Read More »

Domestic Worker Act – all you need to know

By Ruth Kloppers Domestic workers, nanny, gardeners, cooks, cleaners and any staff that work in your home, are to be considered by the Domestic worker act. Prior to 2002, when the Domestic Worker Act (Sectoral Determination 7 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act) was finalised, there was almost no law pertaining to a very large segment of our workforce ... Read More »

Nanny, creche, au pair – what’s best for you?

By Ruth Kloppers There are few things in life that are more daunting for any parent than handing over your precious little child to someone else to care for. Whether it is a Mom returning to work after maternity leave, or a stay at home Mom needing some help at home, finding the right child care, and the right person ... Read More »