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The key to health and wellness


By Catherine Clark If I asked you what the key to your health is I am sure that I would get varying answers such as a healthy diet, exercise and drinking lots of water. All of these things are great and, in fact, very important as is getting enough sleep and enough sunshine to regulate your hormonal system. But at ... Read More »

What’s in a soda?


By Catherine Clark I am always surprised to find sodas such as Coca Cola or Fanta available at children’s parties and even more so to find that these sorts of drinks can still be purchased at some school tuck shops. Surely we are empowered with enough information in this day and age to know that these sorts of drinks can ... Read More »

To gluten or not to gluten, that is the question!

breakfast two (Custom)

By Catherine Clark There always seems to be a debate raging around whether those who choose not to eat gluten are just ‘fussy eaters’ and whether or not there is any benefit to our children in terms of going ‘gluten free’. So let’s start by defining what gluten actually is: Wikipedia defines gluten as: ‘Gluten (from Latin gluten, “glue“) is ... Read More »

Another Winter, another cold – how to eat correctly to ward off those germs!

breakfast one (Custom)

By Catherine Clark So Winter has arrived again and with it a slew of germs bringing with them colds and flu and maybe even something worse like bronchitis or pneumonia! And with that comes doctor’s visits (and even worse doctor’s bills) and much medication (doctor’s do love medication!). Finally you get rid of one germ and then another arrives. But ... Read More »

The dreaded birthday party – part 2


By Catherine Clark I’ve had some really interesting feedback after my last article on ‘The dreaded birthday party’. A lot of people believe that at South African birthday parties sweets certainly abound and that is considered the ‘norm’. My friend who now lives in Europe made this comment however: ‘My son who is 4 years old has just started going ... Read More »

The dreaded birthday party – sugar, sugar, sugar part 1


By Catherine Clark I’m sure we’ve all felt it at some time or other – we just get the family back into the rhythm of relatively healthy eating after a holiday, or a family event and then what happens, the dreaded party invite arrives home! And parties mean sugar, and more sugar and party packs i.e. more sugar at home ... Read More »

Tell me again why dairy is good for me?


By Catherine Clark As someone who grew up on endless antibiotics for ear infections, only to find out later that I was lactose intolerant, I have become very interested in why we as humans are the only mammals who continue to consume milk products after being weaned.  Fascinating really!  Is it because the ‘food pyramids’ we grew up being taught ... Read More »

Being healthy is no fun for kids!

breakfast four (Custom)

By Catherine Clark As a mom of two young children who is fairly pedantic about healthy eating I hear comments all the time like ‘all kids need treats’ and ‘it’s really not much fun for kids to eat all of that healthy food’, but I have stuck to my guns and continued to sow good eating habits into my family.  ... Read More »