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Are artificial and gel nails bad for you?

By Sheree Epstein   Now days there are many various types of artificial nails from different forms of gel to acrylic etc and all of these different types are widely used. They are known to last longer on the nails than normal nail polish does, as well as to enhance the length of one’s finger nails due to bitten, extremely ... Read More »

Common nail disorders

By Sheree Epstein In various ways ones nails can be the window to what’s going on inside one’s body. Take a good look at your fingernails…you may notice certain differences in colour, texture, bumps, white spots etc. Take a look at the grooves, curves, and ridges, how thick or thin they are and if there are any differences. Have a ... Read More »

7 most common questions about nails answered

By Naomi Gurney With manicures hitting newspaper headlines and social media for all the wrong reasons recently. Infections, damaged nail beds, rashes and even skin cancer are just some of the scare stories that came out in the consumer press last year, claiming a manicure could ruin your nails. Do nails need to breathe? Nails do not need a break ... Read More »