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Preventing constipation in children

By Lauri Isserow Constipation is a very common problem among children. A child is considered constipated when they has fewer than three bowel movements in a week; has difficulty having a bowel movement; or when the stools are hard, dry, and unusually large. Constipation usually isn’t a cause for concern — it’s preventable and most cases can be remedied with ... Read More »

Cake batter popcorn

A fun twist on traditional popcorn. Sure to be a hit with the kids! And a very clever party treat! Recipe source: www.tastykitchen.com Ingredients: 1-½ cup Melted Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate ¼ cups margarine 1-½ cup White Cake Mix 6 cups Popcorn (popped) ¼ cups Sprinkles Preparation: Make the popcorn and set aside. Melt the chocolate in the microwave ... Read More »

What is lazy eye?

By Dr Darren Stoler Many people, when asked what they think the term “lazy eye” means, respond by saying “one eye that is squint”. The truth is a lot more complicated, and important for parents of young children to be aware of: Not all squints are lazy eyes, and not all lazy eyes are squints, and lazy eyes can be ... Read More »

Makeup tutorial embraces inner and outer beauty

This youtube video is not your average, boring makeup tutorial. It is incredible actually – it embraces the inner and outer beauty in every woman! It is not only about what eye shadow or lipstick you wear – beauty is also about how you carry yourself, how you speak, how your eyes sparkle. A must watch for all ladies everywhere! Credits: Ana Akana Read More »

Another Winter, another cold – how to eat correctly to ward off those germs!

By Catherine Clark So Winter has arrived again and with it a slew of germs bringing with them colds and flu and maybe even something worse like bronchitis or pneumonia! And with that comes doctor’s visits (and even worse doctor’s bills) and much medication (doctor’s do love medication!). Finally you get rid of one germ and then another arrives. But ... Read More »

Chocolate fudge icing recipe

By Vicky Pollock I found this chocolate fudge icing recipe the other day when looking for something new and tasty for a chocolate cake. It was absolutely delicious and kept the cake moist for a few days. The only problem was putting the tasting spoon down to ensure there was still icing left for the cake! Ingredients: 90g butter or margarine ... Read More »

Portion control snacks!

By Heidi Janit You know those old plastic eggs with the lids that open? Don’t even think of throwing them away! Why, you may ask? Well you can use them as little snack holders! They are a very clever way to manage portion control too! It also creates some excitement around eating. As well as offering a  variety of foods. Instead ... Read More »

Mom and baby workout with baby pouch

By Robyn Borowsky Post preggy moms are always eager to get back into shape and arealways wanting to lose their baby bump but often don’t know where orhow to start.  Moms say that it can be difficult to get away from the baby or to maketime to exercise separately so my answer is to combine baby time andexercise time. This ... Read More »

Little boy explains to his mom why he does not want to eat his octopus pasta!

This has to be one of the sweetest videos I have ever seen. The little boy, who is 3 years old, explains to his mother why he does not want to eat the octopus pasta his mom has given him for dinner. You can see his little mind working as he thinks about the things his mother is saying. He realises that he does ... Read More »

Teething… the seemingly never ending saga

By Dr Jaci Schultz Teething syndrome is a condition experienced by babies any age between birth and 2 years old. That’s a long time… What this means is that there is a period of time whereby your baby’s teeth are starting to develop, but this can take a bit of time. You will not see any little white enamel bumps ... Read More »