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What to do when you like one child more than the other (eek, it does happen)

By Mia Von Scha We all have times where we favour one child over another. Children go through different phases and some of these can be extremely challenging. It is easier to get on with and ‘like’ the child not going through a difficult phase or one who has a naturally more cooperative temperament. These are usually transitory fluctuations in ... Read More »

Dealing with the anxious child

By Claudette Jordan Anxiety is a natural emotion which is adaptive, for example, you smell smoke in your house, become afraid, and run out. Everyone gets anxious, the difference with pathological anxiety is the DEGREE of anxiety experienced, and the person becomes more EASILY anxious, more OFTEN, and more INTENSELY. There are 3 aspects to anxiety, namely, physiological, cognitive(worrisome thoughts), and ... Read More »

Rainbow Jelly Treat – yum!

By Vicky Pollock 11 layered Rainbow Jelly treat       Ingredients: 6 packs of jelly powder (Strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, blue raspberry and grape – if you cannot find these colours find flavours with colours that are similar) 8 1/2 Packets/Envelopes (or the equivalent approximately 8 1/2 Tablespoons of Gelatine). 1 can condensed milk Hot & cold water per ... Read More »

Tactile defensiveness

So my child is tactile defensive… Now What? By Romy Kruger You’ve done the research, you’ve succumbed to the hair washing battles, shoes are a matter of absolute necessity and the food repertoire is limited but it works. It’s clear that your child is experiencing an over sensitivity within his tactile/touch system but how can you help him to further ... Read More »

Last minute Halloween ideas

By Heidi Janit         Yes, it is Halloween tonight! Throwing a last minute party?  Need more snacks for the kids? Here are some last minute ideas to help you along! Oreo spider cookies: All you need are some Oreos, icing, pretzels and smarties or astros.               Witch cupcakes: What you need: ... Read More »

Century City Natural Goods Market

On Sunday 26th October, why not head out to the Century City Natural Goods Market?! Good, natural food, natural body care products and loads of activities for the kids – like magic shows and Art Jamming! From 9am until 2pm. Phone 0215312173 Email naturalgoodsmarket@gmail.com       Read More »

The Dino Expo – Johannesburg

From November 1st until 19th December, the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens will play host to lifesize, moving dinosaurs! The expo combines a spectacular outdoor showcase of life-size dinosaur replicas with a theatrical performance involving realistic ‘animatronic’ dinosaurs – dubbed ‘The Untold Story of the African Dinosaur Mystery’ – plus a host of fun activities for kids and adults. The Dino Expo ... Read More »


By Lauri Isserow Fats As with carbohydrates in recent years, fats have been wrongly accused of being “bad.” Too much fat can be a bad thing, but fat is an essential nutrient and some are definitely better than others. Certain kinds of fat are actually good for us and are an important part of a healthy diet. Adequate fat intake ... Read More »

Puff pastry toppings

By Heidi Janit Puff Pastry is in my eyes an absolute gem. It is so easy to prepare (you roll it out and stick it in the oven) and you can get so creative with the toppings! Great to serve at a braai and a dinner party! They can be served hot or cold. First: The puff pastry! If you have ... Read More »

Date night ideas!

You don’t have to spend a fortune or go out on the town. You can spend some quality time with your partner at home and enjoy a romantic night reconnecting. Here are a few ideas to help you along: Dinner and a movie: Rent a dvd, decide on a dinner theme (Italian, French, Thai, etc) – get a bottle of ... Read More »