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Unplug to reconnect – why it is important to unplug from technology

By Heidi Meyer Have you ever felt like a robot? A multitude of wires feeding into systems, constantly on charge, loads of information to be processed, answers to be found, information to be shared, wires flowing out … feeling drained by internal and external expectations! What a wonderful experience it was, to get out of town for a mini-break, to ... Read More »

Holiday Season – planning leave, bonuses and expectations with your domestic worker

  By Ruth Kloppers With only 12 weeks left until Christmas, and even less left until everyone begins their annual December holiday “migrations”, it is now the perfect time to begin communicating with your staff and plan leave dates, Christmas bonuses and expectations for 2015. Most employers tend to plan leave dates with staff just before the leave takes place, ... Read More »

Pilates for babies

By Robyn Borowsky Pilates for a baby may seem completely absurd but it’s never too early to start building CORE. Baby core is one of the best gifts you can give your child as this sets the foundation for posture and activity throughout childhood. It really is as simple as starting with placing your baby in certain positions to encourage ... Read More »

Healthy eating for children

By Claudette Jordan In our fast paced world today, unhealthy eating habits are often the unintentional result of parents who are stressed and under time-constraints. However, this is of concern as many medical conditions previously prevalent only in adults are becoming more frequently diagnosed in young children, and these conditions are life threatening, such as diabetes and heart disease. Besides ... Read More »

At home mini mani’s and pedi’s

By Sheree Epstein With the change of weather now upon us, we are going to see a lot more of your hands and feet. No more closed shoes and socks and no more gloves and poor looking hands and nails. After a long period of hibernation there are certain things we all need to get done before we are “summer ... Read More »

Tips for maintaining physical well being and a healthy lifestyle while fulfilling the demands of being a mom

By Megan Thole Whether you are a mom of a 3 month old, 3 year old or 13 year old, it is not always possible to place the necessary focus on your own physical well being and lifestyle because of the various demands that come along with having a child. It is not always possible to include your usual workouts ... Read More »

Don’t just DIY

By Yolandi Du Toit It is the newest and trendiest theme to any party – the Did It Yourself party. These days, parties and any other general event leans itself to a more handmade, homemade vibe – an excellent vibe if I might add, being a creative junkie myself. (Enter glue and glitter here!) Mommies and even daddies go all ... Read More »

Chocolate bread and butter pudding

Another amazing recipe from Cadbury’s Ingredients: 10 slices of bread or fruit loaf 150 g Cadbury Dairy Milk broken into pieces 60 g butter 425 ml whipping cream 75 g caster sugar 3 medium eggs 25 g Bournville Cocoa This is an excellent recipe for using up any leftover bread or for a change try using an orange flavoured fruit ... Read More »

A Guideline to hearing and speech milestones (3-4 years)

By Talia Aronowitz  Please note the following is a rough guideline of the different hearing and speech milestones and cannot be used as a replacement for an assessment by a professional speech and language therapist or audiologist. This guideline represents the average age by which most children who are learning one language will reach the listed milestones. Children typically do ... Read More »

What’s in a soda?

By Catherine Clark I am always surprised to find sodas such as Coca Cola or Fanta available at children’s parties and even more so to find that these sorts of drinks can still be purchased at some school tuck shops. Surely we are empowered with enough information in this day and age to know that these sorts of drinks can ... Read More »