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Another Winter, another cold – how to eat correctly to ward off those germs!

Another Winter, another cold – how to eat correctly to ward off those germs!

CathBy Catherine Clark

So Winter has arrived again and with it a slew of germs bringing with them colds and flu and maybe even something worse like bronchitis or pneumonia! And with that comes doctor’s visits (and even worse doctor’s bills) and much medication (doctor’s do love medication!). Finally you get rid of one germ and then another arrives. But I’d like to suggest that there is another way and that what you and your family eats is at the core of that.


Since my children were born I have kept them on a low dairy (which to us means a little bit of cheese and butter now and again), low gluten (wholewheat rolls on the weekend for hotdogs – the vegetarian sausage kind might I add!) and low sugar (sweets really are just treats and by treat I mean that we eat them seldom) diets. All of these things, dairy, gluten and sugar, are mucous producing and so a consequence of eating little of these things has been that my children rarely get sick.

My son who is 5 has been on antibiotics once for an ear infection which I probably could have dealt with naturally but my courage ran low for an instant and I gave in. My daughter who is 3 has never been on antibiotics. I tell you this only to illustrate that there is another way and it does work because it is as nature intended. As I said in my previous article focused on dairy, milk and other dairy products do not hold nutritional value for humans and are linked to numerous diseases and ailments. So why do we keep on feeding it to our children? How often do you see a child being pushed around in a shopping trolley in a supermarket with snot streaming down its face, all the while the child is drinking a flavoured milk or eating a yoghurt.

Gluten is difficult to digest and also causes numerous health concerns. And sugar, well, I probably don’t need to tell you much about sugar – I will say this though, it wreaks havoc with our hormonal system which runs our body and so sugar should be avoided. What is incredibly evident is that if you remove the mucous producing foods in your diet then bacteria has less to latch itself onto and you will have far less chance of getting a bacterial infection and a much better chance of fighting off viruses.

So what is the solution to fighting the winter fiends:

 Eat a diet right in raw, unprocessed ingredients

Fruit and vegetables in their raw form are full of nutrients and have an alkalizing effect on the body (even citrus fruits) and an alkaline body is not an environment in which germs can flourish. Adding a freshly pressed juice to your family’s daily diet or a green smoothie full of superfoods as a snack would be a great start. Engage your children in the process of change if these things are new for the family. Kids adapt to change much more easily but allowing them to help make the juice, for example, is a great way to get them on board more quickly.

Remember that there are other contributing factors such as stress which can make the body acid. You need to balance a good diet with exercise, plenty of fresh water and daily doses of sunshine to get the full benefit.

Your strongest defence is in your gut

Believe it or not but your strongest defence against viruses and bacteria are your own bacteria in your gut. Make sure that you and your family take a daily dose of probiotics. Try making your own Kombucha too to supplement. This fermented tea is delicious and full of beneficial bacteria.

Supplement with natural remedies if you feel that your body might be under attack

As soon as I feel that my body is under attack – scratchy throat, aching muscles or just feeling a bit off – I start taking 2,000mg of Food based Vitamin C (made from natural sources) with 20 drops of Echinacea twice a day as well as taking large doses of Kali Mur which is a biochemical tissue salt. Tissue salts work amazingly in children and often that is all that we use to move a cold on quickly if our children are not well. It is definitely worthwhile investigating tissue salts and incorporating them into your family’s routine.

Spend the time investing in a foundation of health much as you would invest in your retirement. All of the money that you have saved will be worthless without your health. Start with a small step such as changing to a raw, plant based breakfast or adding one fresh juice a day and then as you build up courage and you’ve done more research add in other steps.

Reading material that I would recommend would be Mary-Ann Shearers ‘Perfect Health’ or Peter and Beryn Daniels ‘Rawlicious’.