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Quickest and Tastiest Spaghetti Bolognaise

TASTY SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE IN 35 Minutes ( Serves 4-6 ) x1 and half sachet tomato paste x1 R80 Mince x1 half a packet of chopped mushrooms x1 Onion chopped fine x1 Packet Spaghetti or Noodles of choice Garlic and Herb spice Pepper and Salt Green Pepper chopped fine and Baby spinach Cheese of choice LOOKS BLAND RIGHT, TRUST ME ITS ... Read More »

My Spinach and Feta Lasagne

My Spinach and Feta Lasagne x2 Packets Pasta Sheets (You will only use about 1 packet to 1 and a half packets depends on your dish) x1 Batch/PacketBaby Spinach or the Gritty big Spinach x1 Onion x1 Block Cheese of Choice Cheese sauce x3 Tomatos or a half a packet of small tomatos Olive Oil x1 Packet Mushrooms of choice ... Read More »