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FINANCIAL FREEDOM- Purchase a ready made online store and start earning

www.financialfreedom.store  info@financialfreedom.store Purchase a ready made online store delivered in 24Hours.  Sell worldwide with 1000’s of products already in your store.    Choose from a number of available stores and packages to suit your needs.  Technical, design and marketing support available. No experience needed.  Earn income immediately.  Very low startup costs. Read More »

Quickest and Tastiest Spaghetti Bolognaise

TASTY SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE IN 35 Minutes ( Serves 4-6 ) x1 and half sachet tomato paste x1 R80 Mince x1 half a packet of chopped mushrooms x1 Onion chopped fine x1 Packet Spaghetti or Noodles of choice Garlic and Herb spice Pepper and Salt Green Pepper chopped fine and Baby spinach Cheese of choice LOOKS BLAND RIGHT, TRUST ME ITS ... Read More »

My Spinach and Feta Lasagne

My Spinach and Feta Lasagne x2 Packets Pasta Sheets (You will only use about 1 packet to 1 and a half packets depends on your dish) x1 Batch/PacketBaby Spinach or the Gritty big Spinach x1 Onion x1 Block Cheese of Choice Cheese sauce x3 Tomatos or a half a packet of small tomatos Olive Oil x1 Packet Mushrooms of choice ... Read More »

Cedar Swim School (Westville, Dbn, KZN)

CEDAR SWIM SCHOOL Cedar Pools was the name of Yvonne’s late Dad’s company, and so Cedar Swim is named in memory of him. The Cedar tree is a very strong, resilient tree, and symbolises incorruptibility, protection and strength, which are qualities that are important as a leader and teacher. Cedar Swim is situated in the tranquil garden suburb of Dawncliffe ... Read More »

Life Coach Healing with Fehm

*LIFE COACH EXTRAORDINAIRE* @HEALING with FEHM is an owner run practice which focuses on health and wellness in an holistic way. It was established by Fehmiedah Khan, a practitioner experienced in the healing arts of Emotional Freedom                                        Technique (EFT); Reiki(Initiated Master ... Read More »

Exciting Changes Coming

Read More »

Honey Tales Africa

Honey Tales Africa are beautifully written poems about animals, insects and birds written by Carole Honey who originally wrote them for her two lovely grandchildren! The books are: Completely Self-Published Conservation and animal friendly Teaches children to be kind to all animals Illustrated by Graphic Designer Lisa Oosthuizen (Carole’s neighbour) Printed on high quality papers in Cape Town Entirely local ... Read More »

The importance of play in childcare

  By  Ruth Kloppers (Help At Home)        Play is not just about fun – it’s about learning, developing the mind, building self-awareness and self-confidence, and developing social and physical skills. It is therefore absolutely crucial that whoever is tasked with caring for your baby, toddler or child, is not only equipped with the ability to nurture and tend ... Read More »

Helping children to express their feelings

  I came upon this article when doing some research into how to help children to express their feelings in appropriate ways. And it is such a fantastic article, I have to share it with you. Article Source: vanderbilt.edu/csefel Does This Sound Familiar? Maggie is playing with her four-year-old son. He selects a truck puzzle and begins matching and placing the ... Read More »

Whose project is it anyway?

By Heidi Meyer My son came home with a project on ‘hydroelectricity”. “Being the first child and wanting him to do well, both dad and myself got heavily involved, leading to a lot of tears and tantrums.” How can you prevent such a situation which should be a positive learning experience, to become a nightmare and how much should you ... Read More »