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Sensory activities for the home environment

By Romy Kruger I was recently asked to share some sensory activities that can be done in the home environment. Truthfully, the list could be endless as almost any activity we do engages one or more of our senses. The types of activities you choose to do will come down to your child’s preferences and what resources are available to ... Read More »

Is your child safe with a nanny, creche or school?

By Ruth Kloppers   With the recent viral videos that have been doing the rounds on Facebook and Youtube – where two nannies, namely in Uganda and here in SA, have been caught abusing the children in their care – one cannot begin to wonder if having a nanny is the right thing. Also within recent months, there have been ... Read More »

Dealing with the anxious child

By Claudette Jordan Anxiety is a natural emotion which is adaptive, for example, you smell smoke in your house, become afraid, and run out. Everyone gets anxious, the difference with pathological anxiety is the DEGREE of anxiety experienced, and the person becomes more EASILY anxious, more OFTEN, and more INTENSELY. There are 3 aspects to anxiety, namely, physiological, cognitive(worrisome thoughts), and ... Read More »

Tactile defensiveness

So my child is tactile defensive… Now What? By Romy Kruger You’ve done the research, you’ve succumbed to the hair washing battles, shoes are a matter of absolute necessity and the food repertoire is limited but it works. It’s clear that your child is experiencing an over sensitivity within his tactile/touch system but how can you help him to further ... Read More »

Insane Parenting!

By Mia Von Scha “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. There are times in parenting when predictability is useful. When children see that certain behaviours always produce the same results they are less and less likely to try to push the proverbial envelope. They get it. X=Y. There are, however, ... Read More »

Cultivating confidence

By Mia Von Scha Our kids are living in a very different world to the one we grew up in. Gone are the days of walking to friends, taking buses to school, riding bikes around the neighbourhood, staying out until dark. For the most part our kids are dropped and carried, continuously supervised and never leave our sight. Of course ... Read More »

Sensory Integration

By Romy Kruger The world is a busy place, and it only seems to be getting busier. Life is fast paced, there always seems to be a lot going on and the to-do list is ever growing. So how do we manage to take in all that is going on around us, whilst still remaining focused on what’s important? The ... Read More »

How to instill compassion in our children

By Heidi Janit Reading the headlines in the newspaper or sitting and watching the news is depressing – there is so much turmoil and sadness wherever we look. Animals and humans are suffering, be it because of crime, greed, war or homelessness.With so much hatred and intolerance in the world, it is vital to raise children who can be understanding, ... Read More »

Tattling trials and tribulations

By Talya Ressel A very common occurrence among children is the ongoing behaviours of tattling. While this can be very frustrating, it is also a very natural part of their development and can be a great opportunity to enhance children’s social interaction and awareness. Why do children tattle? This is a developmentally appropriate and typical behaviour for children as they are ... Read More »

Your child is enough

By Heidi Janit Too often, parents compare their children to their other children. You find yourself saying” But John was so easy with potty training, and Michael just cannot get it right”. You may even sit and discuss it with your friends, saying things like “I don’t know what is wrong with my child, he is not like his brother ... Read More »