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Play – what’s it all about?

By Romy Kruger  In the last few articles I have stressed the importance of getting down on the floor and playing with your child. Play is after all, the primary occupation of children but it is also so much more than that! In this article we will look at the various age appropriate stages of play and why playing is ... Read More »

Factors to consider when choosing a playschool/nursery school

By Heidi Janit When it comes to choosing a creche or nursery school for your baby or toddler, it can be quite a daunting adventure at first. There are so many factors to take into consideration. Of course we all think of the distance, the monthly fee and the hours. We may ask ourselves things like: Will I get to ... Read More »

Temper tantrums in toddlers

By Heidi Janit You are standing in the queue at the shops waiting to pay for your groceries. Your toddler wants the doll she saw, you say No. Your toddler starts to scream and cry, she may even begin to stomp her feet and heaven forbid throw herself on the floor kicking and screaming, fellow shoppers are staring at you and ... Read More »

Exam writing age children

By Claudette Jordan Do you have a child in matric – the following information will help them NAIL their exams!!!   Nutrition and Exercise As your brain is largely made up of water, essential fatty acids and proteins, and is fuelled by carbohydrates, it needs these ingredients to grow/develop and function optimally. Drink plenty of water regularly. Increase meals high ... Read More »

Nanny, creche, au pair – what’s best for you?

By Ruth Kloppers There are few things in life that are more daunting for any parent than handing over your precious little child to someone else to care for. Whether it is a Mom returning to work after maternity leave, or a stay at home Mom needing some help at home, finding the right child care, and the right person ... Read More »

Shyness is not a disease

By Mia Von Scha The drugging of our children has reached ridiculous proportions over the past century. We label our kids as having ADHD because they can’t sit still and dose them with Ritalin. We label our kids as depressed because they experience normal human emotions like sadness and grief, and pop them on anti-depressants. And now we’ve even found ... Read More »

How to create a productive homework space

By Heidi Meyer Create a bright and organised homework space with everything at hand. Working in an appealing setting will get your child’s creative juices flowing and motivate it to get work done. Despite this you should introduce a homework routine for the child to succeed. Create a workspace close to where you can supervise homework and time spent on ... Read More »

The highly sensitive child – when it is not just “being shy”

By Talya Ressel  Does it seem like your child takes a bit longer to adjust to change? Are they very aware of their surroundings, picking up on the smallest nuances? Are they often in a flood of tears, extremely fussy or overly reactive to things such as smell, temperature, hunger, noise or light? Does it feel like other children are ... Read More »

Childhood anxiety – there’s an elephant sitting on my chest: how anxiety can manifest in children

By Ashley Jay Toby is 9 years old and he doesn’t know what to do. He’s sitting in the car on the way to school and the ‘horrible feelings’ are starting again. The mice are running around and around in his head again, jumbling up his thoughts, making it hard for him to focus and giving him a headache. The ... Read More »

Play and learning

By Claudette Jordan Do you remember as a child the endless hours of fun you had climbing trees, playing hopscotch or marbles? I loved being the “banker” when I played monopoly and the challenge of learning as many words starting with “Q” and “Z” during Scrabble challenges with my family on a Sunday afternoon. I have fond memories of playing ... Read More »