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Dealing with feelings

By Erika Coetzee   “It’s the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we go.” – Jim Rohn According to research, children who understand their feelings and learn about their emotions have the following advantages:  They form stronger friendships with other children.  They do better in school.  They get sick less often.  They ... Read More »

The sensory seeking child

By Romy Kruger Shhh…Quiet! Sit Still! Don’t Touch That! Be Careful!! Do you find yourself saying the above words on repeat all day every day and then still have to deal with bruises, cuts and broken furniture? Last month we looked at the sensory sensitive child but now lets look at the other end of the spectrum – the sensory ... Read More »

Raising our children to respect differences

By Heidi Janit   “Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself.” – Robert Green Ingersoll   I am sure it has happened to you before, in the supermarket, infront of LOTS of people……. your child blurts out “Mommy, than man is so fat”, or “Why has that lady got a funny face?”, ... Read More »

Cyber-parenting and social media

By Talya Ressel More and more families are facing the challenges that are associated with social media. These days, it’s not a case of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ does your child start to build their social-media and cyber life. Children as young as 5 are getting their own smart phones or tablets and parents often feel unsure regarding the appropriate ... Read More »

Teaching children to identify emotions

By Erika Coetzee Children deal with many of the same emotions adults do. They get angry, sad, frustrated, nervous, or embarrassed, but often, they do not have the words to talk about how they are feeling. Instead they sometimes act out these emotions in very physical and inappropriate ways i.e. tantrum, biting, kicking or throwing objects. In order for them ... Read More »

Working Moms – Facilitating the separation from your baby

By Claudette Jordan Working moms who desire the satisfactions of a career are often worried about their child’s ability to separate from them when they decide to re-enter the world of work. A child’s reaction to his mother leaving is dependent on his age and stage of cognitive development. Before the age of 6-8 months, an object tends to disappear ... Read More »

Car Seat Safety Guidelines

By Hayley Rosenthal A car seat is one, if not THE most important piece of equipment you will be purchasing for your baby. This doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive, however it should be chosen carefully. Too often parents purchase a “travel system “ that comes with a car seat that they choose according to colour and ... Read More »

Sensory defensiveness disorder

By Romy Kruger Sensory defensiveness disorder  is a term being used more and more to help us understand the complex and sometimes inexplicable behaviours in our children. But what exactly does it mean? Lets break it down: Sensory refers to the senses sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. However it also looks at 2 more “invisible senses” called the vestibular ... Read More »

Play Therapy

By Ashley Jay Play therapy is a mode of therapy typically used for children between the ages of 3 years old to approximately 12 years old. Play is the way in which children express what is happening in their internal worlds and can reveal the child’s experiences, their reactions to experiences, their feelings regarding an experience as well as the child’s ... Read More »

Sometimes you have to look beyond the books and pencils……..

By Heidi Janit Being a teacher of grade 1 girls, my days at work are filled with books and files and counting and reading. They are filled with spills and tears and joys and learning. Everything they learn, I re-learn too. And I am not talking academics here. It is everything else in between. Things like patience and tolerance. Understanding ... Read More »