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Assisting children with concentration difficulties

By Claudette Jordan Children with poor focus may struggle in several areas of development relative to their peers.  Consequences of their challenges permeate across emotional maturity, social relationships and especially, learning. Building with the right foundations Aiding your child’s emotional development needs to be done from the early years in order to facilitate good coping skills for the challenges to ... Read More »

April is Autism awareness month

By Romy Kruger With April being Autism awareness month it seems appropriate to do just that in this article and create some more awareness around Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). With the Centre for Disease Control releasing statistics in 2012 that 1 in 88 children in their first year of life are now affected with an ASD it is important to ... Read More »

Encopresis – a guideline for parents

By Ashley Jay Definition Encopresis or involuntary defecation, involves a complicated interplay between physiological and psychological factors. A typical child with Encopresis may show evidence of chronic constipation, leading to infrequent defecation, withholding of bowel movements and avoidance of defecation. Children may often want to avoid the pain of having a bowel movement by holding it in which can lead ... Read More »

Bullying: Adult Action Can Improve School Safety

By Erika Coetzee Bullying in schools interferes with learning and with the sense of safety and well-being of all learners. A significant part in developing in children a tendency not to mistreat others is played by parents’ attitudes opposing bullying, positive family relations, as well as parental involvement in schools. Adults can take action to help create a safer learning ... Read More »


By Heidi Janit We all want our children to believe in themselves, to feel capable, to feel that they can achieve. And by achieve I am not referring only to academics. I am talking about their hobbies, their interests, their loves. Children need to find something that they enjoy and that speaks to their souls! All those little things like gardening, ... Read More »

Separation Anxiety – a guideline for parents

By Ashley Jay Separation Anxiety in Children Separation anxiety is a universal developmental occurrence. From about the age of 7 months through to preschool years almost all children experience anxiety when they are separated from their parents or others with whom they share close relationships with. In fact a marked lack of separation anxiety at these ages may suggest other ... Read More »

Occupational Therapy – Fashionable or Essential?

By Romy Kruger It seems that occupational therapy (OT) referrals are on the rise. In some preschool classrooms you may find that more children are going for OT than not. Are teachers and parents just overly paranoid about child development, is it a money making scam or is it all really necessary? To really understand the answer to this it is ... Read More »

Does your child have a concentration difficulty?

By Claudette Jordan Determining if a child does indeed have a concentration difficulty can be a long and complex process, however a crucial one in determining the most efficient and effective intervention and support plan for each individual child. Some kids start to show difficulties with concentration as early as 4-5 years of age, some later in Grades 1 or ... Read More »