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Creative Ca-NOODLE-ing

Creative Ca-NOODLE-ing

landiBy Yolandi du Toit

I think it is finally safe to say that it is SUUUUUMMER, despite the few odd mornings that keep as a reminder of non-pool days. It is a new season, which caters for new pool toys, which means….. WE GET TO UPCYCLE OLD ONES!! (Everybody all together: “Yaaay!”)

Pool Noodles are fabulous examples to use in a project like this. They are inexpensive, they usually only last one awesome summer and can be easily converted into something radical.

Alternatively if you don’t have any to recycle, pool noodles are readily available at most supermarkets.

Our main ingredient for this project is going to be:


On to the practical stuff: Noodles, sometimes are tricky to bend, so it would be great if all parents could help out to avoid a noodle-slap in the face.

Noodle Horses

For this horsey noodle you will need your recyclable noodle, leftover felt material, googly eyes and some string or ribbon and a glue gun.

1. Cut 30cm of string or ribbon.


2. Bend a small piece from your noodle over to touch the rest of your noodle. (Approx    20cm) – now tie the pieces together with your string or ribbon.


3. Add some material for ears and hair and add your googly eyes. *Be careful with your    gluegun.


Noodle Light sabres

noodle pool 1


For these awesome light sabres you will need your recyclable noodle, wide silver box tape and black isolation tape that you can find at any hardware store.

1. The force is strong in this one – you already have your noodle.


2. Measure 15cm from the bottom of your sabre to the top to measure out the handle and    make a small mark to remember.


3. Apply silver wide tape in a circular motion until you reach your mark. 4. Now use smaller cut outs of the black isolation tape to create your own unique Jedi    pattern.


May the force be with you! #Havatonafun!