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Don’t just DIY

Don’t just DIY

landiBy Yolandi Du Toit

It is the newest and trendiest theme to any party – the Did It Yourself party. These days, parties and any other general event leans itself to a more handmade, homemade vibe – an excellent vibe if I might add, being a creative junkie myself. (Enter glue and glitter here!)

Mommies and even daddies go all out, with handmade invites, old school entertainment and retro trendy decor – however, as a parent and not a professional kid’s entertainer you might be at risk for potentially Doodoo-ing It Yourself.

We are looking at a couple of things you should be asking yourself if you are considering entertaining the little ones by yourself – when it is a good idea, and when you might need to call in the big (glitter) guns!

Facepainting seems to be one of the favourite pastimes at any party.

Who doesn’t want to be Spiderman or a princess or even the littlest lion?

EVERYBODY wants to paint a face, the question is, what should you be painting with? Here are some questions you should be asking.

1. Is the paint hypo allergenic? Kiddie’s skin is extremely sensitive and should always be considered.       face paint dalmation

2. Will it apply easily without causing irritation, and even more importantly, will it wash off      easily? Scrubbing a little face until it is read is never a fun idea. You need paint that will easily wipe off with water.

3. Is there a recommended age for the paint? Some paints state that they are only    suitable for ages 3 and up, a bad indication already, as a good facepaint can be used at    any age and will not cause damage.

4. Are there any hidden ingredients like specific colourants, waxes or even coconut oils that    might cause a specific allergic reaction?

5. Is it a face crayon? Avoid those at all costs.


The same principle applies to any other form of entertainment you may choose to hire or try out for yourself.

For example: balloon folding might look easy, but there is a lot of hacking and gagging going on to shape certain little animals and if you are not using a superior balloon, they could pop in your mouth.   balloon animal

If you feel that spraying hair might be more up your alley, look at ingredient listings to make sure that the spray can wash out etc.

When you feel that you have done the necessary homework to get the correct product to use on a little person, remember to try it out a couple of times before attempting a birthday party and if you feel that this might not necessarily be up your alley, search for a good entertainer online and keep them to the same standard.

Happy entertaining and #havatonafun!