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Honey Tales Africa

Honey Tales Africa

Honey Tales Africa are beautifully written poems about animals, insects and birds written by Carole Honey who originally wrote them for her two lovely grandchildren! The books are:

  • Completely Self-Published
  • Conservation and animal friendly
  • Teaches children to be kind to all animals
  • Illustrated by Graphic Designer Lisa Oosthuizen (Carole’s neighbour)
  • Printed on high quality papers in Cape Town
  • Entirely local product
  • Uniquely South African content
  • Honey Tales Book 1

What people are saying about Honey Tales Africa:

“Honey Tales – what a find!

These charming poems and illustrations are not only highly entertaining  and enjoyable, they are also educational. They introduce children to the fun of rhyming words, they enlarge vocabulary, and stimulate the imagination with colourful and lively descriptions. The poems help inculcate the values of appreciation and respect for all forms of life – animals, insects, birds – and above all, the values of happiness and protection found in sound family life.”

Nicola Obertik – HDE in Education. Sixteen years experience in teaching Foundation Phase.

“This series of delightful poems and illustrations with their humour, warmth, and sheer sense of joy will surely enchant everyone, from school-going youngsters to grandparents who read them to little tots. Honey Tales is a wonderful contribution to the world of children!”

Petra Lombard – Franchisor M&T group. (Moms and Tots, Moms and Babes, Jungle Tots.)

“Carol Honey wrote these charming poems for her grandchildren Cameron and Dane. Who, but a loving granny, could have such empathy with children, such insight into the special world of childhood! The poems with their warmth and wit give delight to all – both young and old. “

 Madeleine Buffler – Music Teacher for 40 years

Please take a look at Carole’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/honeytalesafrica  and you can contact her. (Her details are below)

Carol Honey

Honey Tales Africa

P.O.Box 132
South Africa
(cell) 0832608736