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Kiddy Core – child core exercises
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Kiddy Core – child core exercises


By Robyn Borowsky

The concept of CORE is slowly becoming one of the most important factors to our health, fitness and all round comfort in daily life.

When asking clients at the studio what this ‘core’ actually is, a lot actually don’t know what core is made of and how to build it, they just know that it is important to have.

My answer is simple: when thinking of CORE think of a corset that wraps around our upper body. The core is made up of abdominal, back and glute muscles. The transverse abdominus are the lower ab muscles which span across the hips helping the body to stay upright. Core strength means deepest level strength working to bone layer of every muscle. It’s the balance of strength and flexibility within the body.

If we can start building core from a young age it could change the way we stand, sit and feel in our body and how we move. There are simple and effective child core exercises you can do with your children at home to start building core and let them have fun whilst doing it. Core helps children with posture, concentration and agility which prevents injuries.


Exercise 1:


Get you child to lie on their back with hands in the air and legs bent in the air exactly as a dead bug would. Lower the legs and arms back very slowly and lift again with control.

This works back and tummy muscles and make sure they breathe with movement.

Exercise 2:


Get your child to gain balance on hands and toes in bridge position. Tie a rope across an area and get them to crawl forward in that position without touching the rope or dropping their tummy or knees onto the floor.

This can be very fun if you add a point system or prize or forfeit to each try.

Exercise 3:


On hands and knees get your child to round back into a big camel hump. Then release into a cat arch and release back.

This will help with back flexibility and mobility. Make them make animal sounds whilst doing it to make it funny and enjoyable.

Exercise 4:


Have your child stand up very straight with arms above head out out to side as branches. Lift one leg in the air and take it forward and swing leg to back slowly without falling over. Make sure to do reps on each leg.

This is fantastic for Balance which is integral to core and focus.

Exercise 5:


Getting hold of a pilates ball will be one of the best tools to build a child’s core. Just by sitting on here it would build into the lower ab (transverse abdominus) muscles. To make it fun get your child to bounce up and down as this works into pelvic floor muscles. If the ball has handles get them to bounce around an area and maybe add stations where you do the other exercises combining all aspects of core.

Exercise 6:


Flexibility is a huge part of core as tight hamstrings affect pelvis positioning. Get your child to sit with legs ahead of them and reach for toes without bending knees.

These may seem like easy exercises but if done at least twice a week, you should see results within two weeks. Making Core work fun will help with the love and desire to be strong and healthy.