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Holiday Season – planning leave, bonuses and expectations with your domestic worker

  By Ruth Kloppers With only 12 weeks left until Christmas, and even less left until everyone begins their annual December holiday “migrations”, it is now the perfect time to begin communicating with your staff and plan leave dates, Christmas bonuses and expectations for 2015. Most employers tend to plan leave dates with staff just before the leave takes place, ... Read More »

At home mini mani’s and pedi’s

By Sheree Epstein With the change of weather now upon us, we are going to see a lot more of your hands and feet. No more closed shoes and socks and no more gloves and poor looking hands and nails. After a long period of hibernation there are certain things we all need to get done before we are “summer ... Read More »

An open letter to moms

Love love this kid! Here he shares 10 things every mom should know! Hope you enjoy 🙂   Read More »

Living in the moment

By Heidi Meyer “There goes my alarm! Oops! I still haven’t finished this work! I promised Kim that I would be there! Let me grab my laptop and my notes to work on this during Kim’s netball match.” I rush out of the office. “Oh gee! I wish this traffic would just move and I arrive just in time for ... Read More »

The ancient form of threading

By Naomi Gurney Threading hair is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries, like Egypt and India, and is becoming very popular around the world. Threading removes the entire hair follicle, lasting up to 6 weeks and is safe for even the most sensitive skins. It works when a cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair, in a twisting ... Read More »

Bar One cake

A truly delicious cake for any occassion! This Bar One cake is a real treat! Recipe Source: www.stork.co.za   Ingredients Cake Ingredients: 220ml Stork Bake margarine 125ml cocoa 5ml coffee 250ml water 440ml self raising flour 2 extra large eggs 350ml sugar 190ml milk 10ml vanilla essence Sauce Ingredients: 150g Bar-One, cut into pieces 100g milk chocolate 110ml cream 5ml ... Read More »

Exercise when breastfeeding

By Robyn Borowsky New moms often have many questions about breastfeeding and milk production. I often get asked whether exercise can affect breastfeeding moms in the form of energy, fitness levels, body comfort and most imprtantly to them – their milk production. There are so many articles and sights offering different information about this topic, but all in all, the ... Read More »

Why can’t I lose my baby weight?

By Mia Von Scha Weight is never a simple issue – we have the media feeding us unrealistic examples of what is “normal”, we compare ourselves to others, we have other things we’re busy with (like raising a new child) that distract from rigorous diet and exercise routines. But why is it that so many moms are struggling with that ... Read More »

Winter Woes – Paraffin wax treatments

By Sheree Epstein Are your hands or your feet looking chapped, dry, cracked, possibly even have minor cuts and visible bleeding on them? Whether you work outside for a living or use or wash your hands a lot, your hands can take quite a beating from this. Together with dry, Winter weather you may be experiencing painful hands and feet ... Read More »

How to stop a baby crying – just play Katy Perry’s dark Horse!

This little girl was so niggly and unhappy – until she heard “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry! Just check out her little dance moves……….. Read More »