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ronelBy Ronel Jardine

Okay, so I was asked to write something about motherhood. To me the word is self explanatory, sometimes being a mother you just want to pull a hood over your head and disappear for a while!

This reminds me of my daughter when she was little, if she didn’t like the situation she was in, she would simply close her eyes and believe she was invisible. Maybe she thought because she can’t see anyone, no one can see her! Well, if this is true I am going to blindfold myself everyday when I need time alone!

Anyway, I know being a mother is a blessing from God, and believe me I am grateful to Him for blessing me with a great kid that I love with all my heart, but lets be honest, there are times when a mom just needs a moment or two to herself.

A great example is in the bathroom. I can’t remember the last time I sat on the loo without an audience. At this point in time I don’t even bother to close the door anymore! The thing that makes it worse (sorry this will sound a little gross) is the comments I get. I have to hear that my poo smells like acid! I have no idea how she knows how acid smells, but ok, apparently I have a toxic waste dump in my stomach!

Once I even tried to use this to my advantage, I told her that she should leave and close the door, that way the smell would stay inside an not bother her. I got very exited to poo on the loo alone when she was quiet for a few seconds, pondering this suggestion. But alas I had to have a witty child. She very calmly said, it’s ok, I’ll breathe through my mouth! Then I said, but then you will taste the smell (don’t laugh, I was desperate ok!) But once again – failure, she looked at me and just pulled her t-shirt over her mouth. I MEAN REALLY!!

Another thing that makes me want to take a minute to disappear each day is dirty dishes, why do they multiply so fast, but an even better question is, HOW do they multiply?! Should I look underneath my cups and plates to see if they are male or female and put them in separate basins, or should I just tell my child that a glass that you drank out of once, can be rinsed out without your hands falling off when it touches water! I also have no idea why a big dinner plate must be used to carry one small sandwich to the table and then be placed with all the other dirty dishes. Also, please explain to me why it is necessary to eat potato chips out of a bowl?? The packet that it comes in, can be thrown away and my manicure can be safe, but Noooooo the dish fairy (called mom) will wash the bowl again.

Now, I know that everything I said seems negative and people will say, why did you have a child if you only complain about her, but I would then reply and say that, yes I complain, but everyday we all complain about something – the weather, our job, other people but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like sunny or rainy days, our workplace or people.

It just means that we are never satisfied with our life. So even though I moan and groan about being a mother, I would never ever not want this beautiful child in my life everyday! Because one day when I’m on the loo alone or have no dishes to wash I will realize that every moment as a mother is a privilege. That this child, no matter what I do or how I look will love me forever without judgement or limits – just the way that I feel about her.

In conclusion – if you ever feel like pulling the hood over your head, do it, take a moment, but never ever regret being a mother!