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Newlands Therapy Centre

Newlands Therapy Centre offer psychological services for a range of mental health difficulties and life transitions.
We are centrally located in Newlands, easily accessible from the M3 or Newlands Ave.

Jean Luyt has 15 years’ experience as a psychologist. She studied at the University of Cape Town, completing Masters in both Education (2002) and Clinical Psychology (2003). She integrates these two areas of expertise in her work. Jean is currently registered as a PhD student at Stellenbosch University in the Psychology Department, and teaches Child and Family Assessment and Therapy to Masters students.

Her services include individual, couple, family and group therapy. She offers therapy to children, adolescents and adults. She has many years of experience working in universities (UCT, Rhodes University and Stellenbosch University) as a lecturer in Psychology Departments and psychologist offering support to students.

She has experience in helping people manage depression, anxiety, academic pressure, eating difficulties, low self-esteem, body image difficulties, bereavement, trauma, behaviour difficulties, anger management, traumatic experiences, abusive childhood experiences, relationship and family problems.

Jean has experience supporting families managing children living with learning difficulties, disabilities and chronic or life-threatening illnesses. She also has experience supporting adult siblings of family members with health concern and managing the transition to caring for elderly or infirm parents. She supports those dealing with bereavement. She supports parents who are renegotiating parenting roles and responsibilities after divorce or the end of a relationship.

Jean has a specific interest in working with adoptive families. She supports those considering adoption to complete their family, those embarking on the application and screening process to be eligible as adoptive parents and those parenting adopted children. She has experience working with managing sibling relationships in adoptive families, including those between biological and adopted children. She has unique experience working with transracial adoptive families. She offers support to child, adolescent and adult adoptees.

Jean Luyt
Clinical Psychologist
MA (Clinical Psychology) UCT 2003
HPCSA: PS0095218
Practice number: 0147842
Contact her on 082 872 0192 or jean.luyt@newlandstherapycentre.co.za

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