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Pilates for babies

Pilates for babies

robynBy Robyn Borowsky

Pilates for a baby may seem completely absurd but it’s never too early to start building CORE.

Baby core is one of the best gifts you can give your child as this sets the foundation for posture and activity throughout childhood.

It really is as simple as starting with placing your baby in certain positions to encourage the activation of the abdominals and back muscles. Neck and upper back will develop and and later stage.

Some easy tips:

1. Tummy time:

Place your baby on their tummy as early as a few weeks old. Once they are a few months old entice them to lift their head by waving toy infront.

2. Reach and grab:

Try and get your baby to reach for a toy so that they can use and developoblique muscles and arms.

3. Let’s do the twist:

Whether a baby is on his back or tummy you can encourage abdominal strengthening by enticing him to reach or turn from side to side. Reaching and twisting can be encouraged by using a favorite toy. When the baby starts trying to roll over from tummy to back or back to tummy you can give him a little nudge to help him complete the task. This will lead the baby to feel rewarded for his efforts making him want to try rolling over more frequently. Once the baby has learned to sit up either assisted or alone you can use toys just out of the baby’s reach to further strengthen his abdominal muscles.

4. Ball belly:

Using your pilates ball hold your baby on its tummy on top of the ball and roll the ball forward and back allowing the baby to engage their core muscles.
Four simple exercise but baby core guarantees.