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Post baby pram workout

Post baby pram workout

robynBy Robyn Borowsky

On a daily basis I get asked to give advice to new mommys on how to lose their post baby bumps and help with neck and back pain from all of the breast feeding and picking baby up and down.

A lot of these ladies suffer from sleep deprivation and this makes them less motivated to get into their exercise routine, but the sooner they do… the more energy and stress relief  they will have!

Happy Mom= Happy Baby!

I can imagine that it can be difficult to find the time to leave  baby for a full hour so I have put together some ways to enable you to integrate exercise and baby time. CAPITALIZE ON BABY IN PRAM TIME!!!

Before taking part in any exercise, please ask your doctor if it is safe to start.

Pram Work-out:

Walk for +- 5mins to get the blood flowing.
Stretch the legs out and do some shoulder rolls forward and back.

1) Holding Pram with straight arms infront- do 10 x walking lunges ( each leg)

2) 10-20 jumping jacks behind pram

3) Power walk away from pram about 20 steps and either power walk or jog back.

4) 10-20 leg lifts to the back holding pram infront. Squeeze the bum and make sure not to lean forward.

5) 10-20 jumping jacks behind pram

6) 10-20 squats holding pram infront ( keep chest up and make sure to stick bum back-like sitting on a baby chair)

7)  Power walk away from pram about 20 steps and either power walk or jog back.

8) Stand with arms stetched to side with flexed hands- small circles forward then backwards x 20-50 Feel those shoulders burn!!

9) Pulse arms up and down- keeping it small and controlled x 20-50

10) This is an important time to keep up the Kegal exercises that you probably did during pregnancy. This helps with bladder control and keeping the pelvic floor muscles tight and strong.

Feel free to repeat set two or three times depending on energy and fitness level.

hamstrings by holding pram infront and bending body into a table top line.
Thighs- hold one foot up to bum and stretch thigh while holding ontop pram
Neck- hold side of head and bend ear to shoulder

Finish off with 2 roll downs to the floor and back.

Drink lots of water and feel those endorphins (natural happy drug) kick in and enjoy having the energy to have some baby love.