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Posture for dummies
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Posture for dummies

robynBy Robyn Borowsky

Who would have guessed that the way we stand and simply hold our bodies up has such a big impact on our physical AND emotional health.

We all know that ‘good posture’ is something to strive for but when asked to describe what correct posture is or how to achieve it the answers seem to be unclear.

Do you find yourself suffering with either one or a number of the following?

Muscle stiffness
Carpel tunnel
Tense shoulders
Back pain and siatica
Digestive problems

Do people ask if you are tired, down or really stressed?

You could diagnose the source of most of these ailments simply by looking at the way you stand and sit= BAD POSTURE

As a SUPER MOM you spend your day picking up, carrying, driving and working on a laptop which all rely on the forward focus motion. With each minute that those hands type on a laptop or hold the steering wheel our shoulders are pulled forward and often tense up in that position. Picking up a child or carrying also affects the way we position pirselves and all of these movements create for that ’round shoulder look (kyphosis). ‘
Without a strong CORE and balance between strength and flexibility it is inevitable that the body will start to suffer.

One of my most common questions at the studio is simply HOW TO STAND PROPERLY?

Here are SIX Basic steps and our simple guide to perfect posture:

1. Hook on HEAD:
Imagine a hook placed on the top of your skull that is constantly being pulled to the ceiling forcing a lengthening motion through the body, especially through the neck and spine.

2. SHOULDER ribbons:
Visualize a ribbon tied to each shoulder blade.Tie the ribbons together in a bow…If tied too tight your shoulder blades will be squeezing together and your chest will be jutting out. If too loose…your shoulders will be hunched forward. Make the perfect bow with shoulders staying centered and pulled back.

3. CHEST Light:
You have a light shining from the centre of your chest. Always shine it straight ahead of you…If you shine it down your shoulders are pulling forward and if it’s shining too high you are tightening your back and shoulders.

4. BELLY string:
Imagine a piece of string connecting your belly button to your spine. When standing up straight pull that string whike tightening up the abdominals and think belly to spine.

Zip up from the pubic bone to the belly button. This will tighten those deeper pelvic floor muscles creating the foundation of core.

6. Soft KNEES:
Soften the knees slightly. When knees are locked straight when standing your pelvis will lift causing pressure on lower back. Soften the knees to keep pelvis in a ‘neautral’ line.

Always take a second to assess how you feel in your body from top to bottom and make sure to simply ACTIVATE and CENTRE yourself. This is the recipe to Beautiful posture and pain free bodies.

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