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Childhood anxiety – there’s an elephant sitting on my chest: how anxiety can manifest in children

By Ashley Jay Toby is 9 years old and he doesn’t know what to do. He’s sitting in the car on the way to school and the ‘horrible feelings’ are starting again. The mice are running around and around in his head again, jumbling up his thoughts, making it hard for him to focus and giving him a headache. The ... Read More »

Play Therapy

By Ashley Jay Play therapy is a mode of therapy typically used for children between the ages of 3 years old to approximately 12 years old. Play is the way in which children express what is happening in their internal worlds and can reveal the child’s experiences, their reactions to experiences, their feelings regarding an experience as well as the child’s ... Read More »

Encopresis – a guideline for parents

By Ashley Jay Definition Encopresis or involuntary defecation, involves a complicated interplay between physiological and psychological factors. A typical child with Encopresis may show evidence of chronic constipation, leading to infrequent defecation, withholding of bowel movements and avoidance of defecation. Children may often want to avoid the pain of having a bowel movement by holding it in which can lead ... Read More »

Separation Anxiety – a guideline for parents

By Ashley Jay Separation Anxiety in Children Separation anxiety is a universal developmental occurrence. From about the age of 7 months through to preschool years almost all children experience anxiety when they are separated from their parents or others with whom they share close relationships with. In fact a marked lack of separation anxiety at these ages may suggest other ... Read More »