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Dealing with the anxious child

By Claudette Jordan Anxiety is a natural emotion which is adaptive, for example, you smell smoke in your house, become afraid, and run out. Everyone gets anxious, the difference with pathological anxiety is the DEGREE of anxiety experienced, and the person becomes more EASILY anxious, more OFTEN, and more INTENSELY. There are 3 aspects to anxiety, namely, physiological, cognitive(worrisome thoughts), and ... Read More »

Healthy eating for children

By Claudette Jordan In our fast paced world today, unhealthy eating habits are often the unintentional result of parents who are stressed and under time-constraints. However, this is of concern as many medical conditions previously prevalent only in adults are becoming more frequently diagnosed in young children, and these conditions are life threatening, such as diabetes and heart disease. Besides ... Read More »

Exam writing age children

By Claudette Jordan Do you have a child in matric – the following information will help them NAIL their exams!!!   Nutrition and Exercise As your brain is largely made up of water, essential fatty acids and proteins, and is fuelled by carbohydrates, it needs these ingredients to grow/develop and function optimally. Drink plenty of water regularly. Increase meals high ... Read More »

Play and learning

By Claudette Jordan Do you remember as a child the endless hours of fun you had climbing trees, playing hopscotch or marbles? I loved being the “banker” when I played monopoly and the challenge of learning as many words starting with “Q” and “Z” during Scrabble challenges with my family on a Sunday afternoon. I have fond memories of playing ... Read More »

Working Moms – Facilitating the separation from your baby

By Claudette Jordan Working moms who desire the satisfactions of a career are often worried about their child’s ability to separate from them when they decide to re-enter the world of work. A child’s reaction to his mother leaving is dependent on his age and stage of cognitive development. Before the age of 6-8 months, an object tends to disappear ... Read More »

Assisting children with concentration difficulties

By Claudette Jordan Children with poor focus may struggle in several areas of development relative to their peers.  Consequences of their challenges permeate across emotional maturity, social relationships and especially, learning. Building with the right foundations Aiding your child’s emotional development needs to be done from the early years in order to facilitate good coping skills for the challenges to ... Read More »

Does your child have a concentration difficulty?

By Claudette Jordan Determining if a child does indeed have a concentration difficulty can be a long and complex process, however a crucial one in determining the most efficient and effective intervention and support plan for each individual child. Some kids start to show difficulties with concentration as early as 4-5 years of age, some later in Grades 1 or ... Read More »