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Meatballs for lunch boxes

By Vicky Pollock As the New Year starts so does my lunch box dilemma. While my 7 year old loves all the good things in life (sushi, olives, gherkins etc,) there are the basics in life that she does not eat like bread of any kind, sausages, noodles (she will only eat spaghetti – you would think they were the ... Read More »

Rainbow Jelly Treat – yum!

By Vicky Pollock 11 layered Rainbow Jelly treat       Ingredients: 6 packs of jelly powder (Strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, blue raspberry and grape – if you cannot find these colours find flavours with colours that are similar) 8 1/2 Packets/Envelopes (or the equivalent approximately 8 1/2 Tablespoons of Gelatine). 1 can condensed milk Hot & cold water per ... Read More »

Halloween Treat ideas!

By Vicky Pollock With Halloween around the corner here are some fairly easy healthy recipes to try on your kiddies. Banana Ghost Pops Skip the Halloween cake pops for this just-as-yummy (and totally cute) alternative: banana and coconut ghost sticks!   Ingredients: Bananas Ice cream stick 1 cup Orange juice Shredded coconut Chocolate chips or raisins   What to do: ... Read More »

Coconut ice

By Vicky Pollock Old fashioned concept but loved by the kiddies. This is a nice, easy recipe and you can colour it using any coloured food colouringto match a party scheme. My 3 year old had some and is still asking me for it. It brought back great childhood memories for me too.. Try it.. Ingredients: 160ml sweetened condensed milk 2 ... Read More »

Homemade pizza

By Vicky Pollock Friday night is “take away” night in our house. A great thing to do is homemade pizza. The kiddies can help out and you get to use up all the leftovers and little bits left over in the fridge from the week. The pizza dough is quite quick to make and fun for the whole family. Homemade ... Read More »

Chocolate fudge icing recipe

By Vicky Pollock I found this chocolate fudge icing recipe the other day when looking for something new and tasty for a chocolate cake. It was absolutely delicious and kept the cake moist for a few days. The only problem was putting the tasting spoon down to ensure there was still icing left for the cake! Ingredients: 90g butter or margarine ... Read More »

Peppermint crisp icing

By Vicky Pollock Peppermint Crisp icing is minty, refreshing, chocolatey and did we mention delicious? You need: 125g white margarine or butter 220g Icing sugar 2 teaspoons mint flavouring Leaf green colouring (either liquid or powder) 1 x big bar of Peppermint crisp 1 tablespoon milk (if necessary) Place the margarine or butter in mixer and cream. Slowly add the ... Read More »

Chocolate chip hot cross buns

By Vicky Pollock I love Easter and the thought of eating hot cross buns. But have never been a fan of raisins in any type of cooked food. That is why a chocolate chip hot cross bun is just up my alley and my kiddies love them. Enjoy! Ingredients : 4 cups plain cake flour 1½ teaspoons mixed spice 2 ... Read More »

White Chocolate Ganache

By Vicky Pollock I recently discovered white chocolate ganache and love using this instead of butter icing on cupcakes and cakes. You can still colour it like you do with butter icing  (you can buy chocolate colouring from most cakes shops – I use Bakers Bin in Centurion). But it is so much tastier and I find it holds up ... Read More »