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Creating a peaceful and functional nursery

By Heidi Meyer 1. Decorate the room Decide where in the room each zone should be located, the colour of the walls, bedding and any other décor items, lighting and storage. Keep the main colour of the room simple. Use changes of linen, rugs, lampshades and pictures to make it stimulating or to bring in themes. This makes it easier ... Read More »

Whose project is it anyway?

By Heidi Meyer My son came home with a project on ‘hydroelectricity”. “Being the first child and wanting him to do well, both dad and myself got heavily involved, leading to a lot of tears and tantrums.” How can you prevent such a situation which should be a positive learning experience, to become a nightmare and how much should you ... Read More »

Overwhelmed by extra-curricular activities?

By Heidi Meyer I’m amazed at the busyness of some families. The children hardly have time to surface from their school day or have lunch and they are already rushed to the next activity with shouts like, “Come on! Have you changed yet? Remember to take your swimming costume, we won’t have time to come back, before your sister goes ... Read More »

My biggest wish is to spend more time with you!

By Heidi Meyer   “Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more”: Dr Seuss. The inspiration of this article came when I was de-cluttering and organising an office and found a picture written on which was this: “I love you mommy, my biggest wish is to spend some time with you!” This opened my ... Read More »

7 ways to maintain order in your home

By Heidi Meyer We hear a lot about maintenance or the lack thereof which for example leads to power outages because maintenance to the power stations had not been done, poor maintenance on Telkom lines lead to breaks in internet connection. The poor conditions of roads due to lack of maintenance despite allocation of funds. So does everything degenerate into ... Read More »

Unplug to reconnect – why it is important to unplug from technology

By Heidi Meyer Have you ever felt like a robot? A multitude of wires feeding into systems, constantly on charge, loads of information to be processed, answers to be found, information to be shared, wires flowing out … feeling drained by internal and external expectations! What a wonderful experience it was, to get out of town for a mini-break, to ... Read More »

Living in the moment

By Heidi Meyer “There goes my alarm! Oops! I still haven’t finished this work! I promised Kim that I would be there! Let me grab my laptop and my notes to work on this during Kim’s netball match.” I rush out of the office. “Oh gee! I wish this traffic would just move and I arrive just in time for ... Read More »

Conquer toy clutter with practical toy storage

By Heidi Meyer Toy Clutter. You all know that very well! Are your child’s toys taking over the home? Do you feel at times, that it would be easier just tossing the lot and start again? Let’s look at conquering your nemesis once and for all.   Symptoms of the problem? Toys are spilling over from the playroom or bedroom ... Read More »

What to do with Masterpieces and Memorabilia

By Heidi Meyer “When you remove the things that do not matter to you, you are free to focus on the things that are meaningful to you” – Tsh Oxenreider The last vacation has come and gone and there are still report cards, certificates, artwork, dusty projects and medals lying around waiting for a home! It is one of the ... Read More »

Colour code your children

By Heidi Meyer “Who has left the towels on the floor again?” The replies come faster than you can imagine, “It’s not mine!”, “It wasn’t me!” and the squabbling begins. I’m sure that you have experienced this in resignation and to keep the peace, you quickly pick up after them. Children need simple ways to assist them in taking ownership, ... Read More »