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Creative Cones

By Landi du Toit The demand for creative, out of the box, semi-healthy snacks have – like an alien invasion – taken over the universe. And with good reason: with birthday parties, art days at school, entrepreneur’s days etc we have no choice As a mommy, I have fallen victim to the creative request from the awesome teachers who just ... Read More »

On a ROLL and out of control!

By Landi Du Toit It is no secret that we have become more aware of our surroundings and we have made some changes to better our lives. One of the very cool new vibes doing the rounds – and it has been doing it for quite some time – recycling. Not just any recycling. Upcycling. Just to make sure I ... Read More »

Don’t just DIY

By Yolandi Du Toit It is the newest and trendiest theme to any party – the Did It Yourself party. These days, parties and any other general event leans itself to a more handmade, homemade vibe – an excellent vibe if I might add, being a creative junkie myself. (Enter glue and glitter here!) Mommies and even daddies go all ... Read More »

Renaissance Revivial

By Yolandi Du Toit Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael! All of them phenomenal Italian renaissance artists, sure, but most importantly: Green turtles with mad martial arts skills! (Enter NINJA CHOP! here) Be assured that it is not only the girly-girls that want the ultimate themed party – the rough-and-tough boys are just as demanding and with an array of superheroes ... Read More »

Frozen this Winter

By Yolandi Du Toit It is one of  the “awesomest movies in the history of forever”, according to my 8 year old, Meagan and as a big girl (who has always been lost in Disney princess fairy tales) I have to agree. It seems that the cold never bothered anyone anyway and requests for Frozen themed parties have gone through ... Read More »