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Tips for maintaining physical well being and a healthy lifestyle while fulfilling the demands of being a mom

By Megan Thole Whether you are a mom of a 3 month old, 3 year old or 13 year old, it is not always possible to place the necessary focus on your own physical well being and lifestyle because of the various demands that come along with having a child. It is not always possible to include your usual workouts ... Read More »

What is Kinderkinetics?

By Megan Thole Kinderkinetics is a specialised field, which focuses on children from newborn to 12 years of age. Its focus is on maintaining, strengthening, improvement and optimising of physical and motor skills in order to achieve child wellness. It plays an important role in the motor and physical development of babies, toddlers and young children. For the child to ... Read More »

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during and after pregnancy

 By Megan Thole What symptoms would I experience? Numbness, tingling, pain. Or dull ache, generally in both hands or wrists Discomfort may present itself in forearm and upper arm. In severe cases your hand will display clumsiness or weakness. When & why does carpal tunnel syndrome occur?  Symptoms generally begin in the second half of pregnancy when water retention increases. ... Read More »

Exercising while breastfeeding

By Megan Thole All you need to know about exercising while breastfeeding: A major concern of a number of moms who are currently breastfeeding is that exercise, especially high intensity exercise, will affect their milk and breastfeeding. Is there cause for concern?… Studies that were conducted in the past speculated that exercise resulted in higher concentrations of lactic acid in ... Read More »

3 common errors that can lead to muscle and joint discomfort – a guide for moms

By Megan Thole Are you struggling with stiffness? Muscle Pain? Joint discomfort? Below are the 3 common errors that we are all guilty of, as well as some tips to help alleviate the symptoms caused by these errors:  1. ALWAYS CARRYING BABY/TODDLER ON THE SAME HIP … Your muscles become used to this posture even when you are not carrying ... Read More »

Optimising physical well- being during and after pregnancy

By Megan Thole There’s no doubt that your body goes through immense changes during pregnancy and has to recover from them afterwards.  The physical demand placed on your body is substantial and it is therefore subjected to a high risk of muscular discomfort and injury. In your third trimester your body is preparing itself for labour, his means that it ... Read More »

Exercising during pregnancy

By Megan Thole The most daunting idea of exercising during pregnancy,especially first time pregnancies, is not knowing how much exercise to do and at what intensity to exercise in order to keep herself and her little one safe; as well as knowing how to utilize exercise as a means to feeling great . This uncertainty can lead to total avoidance of exercise, which ... Read More »