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Good cop bad cop

By Mia Von Scha   In parenting I often find one parent playing good cop and one bad cop. I’m generalizing here, but it’s very often mom playing the good and dad bringing in the other end. So do we, as women, tend to push the disciplinarian side onto our spouses? Or are they naturally like that? Or are they ... Read More »

What to do when you like one child more than the other (eek, it does happen)

By Mia Von Scha We all have times where we favour one child over another. Children go through different phases and some of these can be extremely challenging. It is easier to get on with and ‘like’ the child not going through a difficult phase or one who has a naturally more cooperative temperament. These are usually transitory fluctuations in ... Read More »

Insane Parenting!

By Mia Von Scha “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. There are times in parenting when predictability is useful. When children see that certain behaviours always produce the same results they are less and less likely to try to push the proverbial envelope. They get it. X=Y. There are, however, ... Read More »

Cultivating confidence

By Mia Von Scha Our kids are living in a very different world to the one we grew up in. Gone are the days of walking to friends, taking buses to school, riding bikes around the neighbourhood, staying out until dark. For the most part our kids are dropped and carried, continuously supervised and never leave our sight. Of course ... Read More »

Why can’t I lose my baby weight?

By Mia Von Scha Weight is never a simple issue – we have the media feeding us unrealistic examples of what is “normal”, we compare ourselves to others, we have other things we’re busy with (like raising a new child) that distract from rigorous diet and exercise routines. But why is it that so many moms are struggling with that ... Read More »

Shyness is not a disease

By Mia Von Scha The drugging of our children has reached ridiculous proportions over the past century. We label our kids as having ADHD because they can’t sit still and dose them with Ritalin. We label our kids as depressed because they experience normal human emotions like sadness and grief, and pop them on anti-depressants. And now we’ve even found ... Read More »

Pregnancy 101 (Or everything you need to know to stay sane and healthy while you grow your baby)

 By Mia Von Scha Just a couple of useful things I’ve come across in my pregnancy that I wish I had known from the beginning, so I thought perhaps I could save someone else the legwork of having to find this all out along the way. And especially for those of you living in SA, as most of the books ... Read More »

Super Mom or Scary Mom?!

By Mia Von Scha I am an amazing mother. I’m also a pretty damn shocking one. I am calm and patient and understanding. I’m also short tempered and irritable and impatient. I do things that build my kids up… and I do things that break them down. Sound familiar? Or are you still seeing yourself through the lens of super ... Read More »