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Pilates for babies

By Robyn Borowsky Pilates for a baby may seem completely absurd but it’s never too early to start building CORE. Baby core is one of the best gifts you can give your child as this sets the foundation for posture and activity throughout childhood. It really is as simple as starting with placing your baby in certain positions to encourage ... Read More »

Posture for dummies

By Robyn Borowsky Who would have guessed that the way we stand and simply hold our bodies up has such a big impact on our physical AND emotional health.We all know that ‘good posture’ is something to strive for but when asked to describe what correct posture is or how to achieve it the answers seem to be unclear. Do ... Read More »

Desk exercises for neck and shoulders

By Robyn Borowsky We all know that pain is one of the most debilitating and stressful factors us, as adults can suffer with. Headaches, neck and back pain are some of the worst ailments adults suffer with after long days at the office. For the general person, most of his day is spent sitting at a desk behind a computer ... Read More »

Kiddy Core – child core exercises

By Robyn Borowsky The concept of CORE is slowly becoming one of the most important factors to our health, fitness and all round comfort in daily life. When asking clients at the studio what this ‘core’ actually is, a lot actually don’t know what core is made of and how to build it, they just know that it is important ... Read More »

Post baby pram workout

By Robyn Borowsky On a daily basis I get asked to give advice to new mommys on how to lose their post baby bumps and help with neck and back pain from all of the breast feeding and picking baby up and down. A lot of these ladies suffer from sleep deprivation and this makes them less motivated to get into ... Read More »

Techno Laziness

laptop child

By Robyn Borowsky I had a colleague tell me a concerning incident that happened at her work recently. She runs a swimming school for toddlers and children, and whilst teaching one of her students, this child’s sibling sat on the side having a massive tantrum. When my colleague looked closer, she realized that this toddler was crying because she was ... Read More »