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Sensory activities for the home environment

By Romy Kruger I was recently asked to share some sensory activities that can be done in the home environment. Truthfully, the list could be endless as almost any activity we do engages one or more of our senses. The types of activities you choose to do will come down to your child’s preferences and what resources are available to ... Read More »

Tactile defensiveness

So my child is tactile defensive… Now What? By Romy Kruger You’ve done the research, you’ve succumbed to the hair washing battles, shoes are a matter of absolute necessity and the food repertoire is limited but it works. It’s clear that your child is experiencing an over sensitivity within his tactile/touch system but how can you help him to further ... Read More »

Sensory Integration

By Romy Kruger The world is a busy place, and it only seems to be getting busier. Life is fast paced, there always seems to be a lot going on and the to-do list is ever growing. So how do we manage to take in all that is going on around us, whilst still remaining focused on what’s important? The ... Read More »

Play – what’s it all about?

By Romy Kruger  In the last few articles I have stressed the importance of getting down on the floor and playing with your child. Play is after all, the primary occupation of children but it is also so much more than that! In this article we will look at the various age appropriate stages of play and why playing is ... Read More »

The sensory seeking child

By Romy Kruger Shhh…Quiet! Sit Still! Don’t Touch That! Be Careful!! Do you find yourself saying the above words on repeat all day every day and then still have to deal with bruises, cuts and broken furniture? Last month we looked at the sensory sensitive child but now lets look at the other end of the spectrum – the sensory ... Read More »

Sensory defensiveness disorder

By Romy Kruger Sensory defensiveness disorder  is a term being used more and more to help us understand the complex and sometimes inexplicable behaviours in our children. But what exactly does it mean? Lets break it down: Sensory refers to the senses sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. However it also looks at 2 more “invisible senses” called the vestibular ... Read More »

April is Autism awareness month

By Romy Kruger With April being Autism awareness month it seems appropriate to do just that in this article and create some more awareness around Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). With the Centre for Disease Control releasing statistics in 2012 that 1 in 88 children in their first year of life are now affected with an ASD it is important to ... Read More »

Occupational Therapy – Fashionable or Essential?

By Romy Kruger It seems that occupational therapy (OT) referrals are on the rise. In some preschool classrooms you may find that more children are going for OT than not. Are teachers and parents just overly paranoid about child development, is it a money making scam or is it all really necessary? To really understand the answer to this it is ... Read More »