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Dry and dehydrated skins

By Sheree Epstein  A dry skin may be one of the most common client complaints, especially with mature clients. Most importantly we have to differentiate between dryness and dehydration. When your skin feels dry, you assume that it is dry, but it’s possible that it’s actually dehydrated and in need of water. Ultimately there is a skin type and there ... Read More »

Are artificial and gel nails bad for you?

By Sheree Epstein   Now days there are many various types of artificial nails from different forms of gel to acrylic etc and all of these different types are widely used. They are known to last longer on the nails than normal nail polish does, as well as to enhance the length of one’s finger nails due to bitten, extremely ... Read More »

Massage and why it is good for you

By Sheree Epstein Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, people use many different types of massage therapy for a variety of health-related purposes. Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. It is used to exercise or tone the muscles, dependent on the direction of ... Read More »

Common nail disorders

By Sheree Epstein In various ways ones nails can be the window to what’s going on inside one’s body. Take a good look at your fingernails…you may notice certain differences in colour, texture, bumps, white spots etc. Take a look at the grooves, curves, and ridges, how thick or thin they are and if there are any differences. Have a ... Read More »

Sunscreen protection

By Sheree Epstein   It’s that time of the year again… Christmas, holidays, festive season, beach and the SUN! We all know that not wearing a protective sunscreen can be seriously detrimental on the skin. Not only do we need to wear protective sunscreen whilst we are on holiday at the coast and constantly in the sun, but it is ... Read More »

Homemade beauty products

By Sheree Epstein Here are some of the best homemade beauty products that you can prepare and use from the comfort of your own home. There are many kinds of ingredients you can use from your kitchen to make amazing beauty products from home, but these are just a few ideas and popular ingredients. For those of you ladies that ... Read More »

Your guide to the benefits and risks of facials

By Sheree Epstein  Facials are known to be one of the most popular spa and salon treatments worldwide behind massages, manicures and pedicures. Facial treatments cleanse, smooth, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Not many people have absolutely flawless facial skin without Photoshop or airbrushing of a picture. Therefore, there are always ways to help improve the look and feel of ... Read More »

At home mini mani’s and pedi’s

By Sheree Epstein With the change of weather now upon us, we are going to see a lot more of your hands and feet. No more closed shoes and socks and no more gloves and poor looking hands and nails. After a long period of hibernation there are certain things we all need to get done before we are “summer ... Read More »

Winter Woes – Paraffin wax treatments

By Sheree Epstein Are your hands or your feet looking chapped, dry, cracked, possibly even have minor cuts and visible bleeding on them? Whether you work outside for a living or use or wash your hands a lot, your hands can take quite a beating from this. Together with dry, Winter weather you may be experiencing painful hands and feet ... Read More »